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Pronunciación /ˈklədər/ /ˈklʌtə/

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    the room was full of clutter la habitación estaba abarrotada / atestada de cosas
    • a clutter of books and papers un revoltijo de libros y papeles
    • his office was in a clutter tenía el despacho muy desordenado
    • I don't suppose I'll use the extra space much other than simply collect twice as much clutter as before.
    • Overall, the house is much less full of clutter.
    • We also found general clutter and miscellaneous obstructions, including cooling lines laid across the floors.
    • Her bedroom was full of clothes and other clutter, something which is very unlike my gran.
    • For one thing, it does add some internal clutter to the system, already full of cables, wires and brackets.
    • You want to access two PCs, but don't want to duplicate the mess and clutter of another monitor, mouse and keyboard.
    • Sitting in her house full of the toys and clutter of three boisterous children, a mother shakes her head wearily.
    • There is increasing awareness of what this visual clutter - the complete space it occupies and the frenetic pace it dictates - is doing to our lives and our sensibilities.
    • I began by clearing some clutter left by the previous owner, an old lady who had apparently attempted some failed yard projects, and decided to leave them as souvenirs to me.
    • Set within a trendy facility, the interior boasts modern furnishings and minimalist, stylish furniture - absolutely no clutter.
    • The interior of the home was cool, despite the clutter littering the floor, table, chair, etc.
    • As I sat there, a dormouse scuttled right out from under my boots: I'd disturbed its lunch, and there was a clutter of precision-punctured hazelnut shells among the leaf litter.
    • It is amusing to see that pedestrians would rather make a long detour to avoid the clutter than straighten up the mess.
    • ‘It's a great way of offloading all the clutter from your mind,’ she said.
    • Experts on dreams say that your dreams and visions are your mind's way of cleaning out the clutter in your brain.
    • I decided to clear more clutter from the side of my desk nearest the wall.
    • Dupont was searching for something hidden in the clutter on his desk and looked up from his nest.
    • He waved his hands at the clutter on his desk.
    • Metallic clutter in the ground will slow down a detection mission because all metallic objects must be investigated.
    • Whatever happened to the council's aim to free us of street clutter?
    • She groaned as she looked for her hair brush in the clutter on her floor.
    • I spotted the glint of the knife amongst the clutter.

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    to clutter sth with sth abarrotar algo de algo
    • The trailer was cluttered with the mess of three guys trapped in a small space for a week.
    • Filling our houses with things that we don't need clutters our homes and is putting a severe strain on natural resources.
    • There were also always lots of bicycles cluttering the hall.
    • So if you have a bunch of DVDs cluttering your living room, we have got some help for you.
    • It is also a great opportunity to donate items that have been cluttering your house to a worthwhile cause.
    • The place is cluttered with junk and heaving with boisterous children.
    • The predominant new typeface is very old fashioned and the pages are cluttered.
    • The paint was peeling, many of the rooms were cluttered with junk and the whole place looked sorry for itself.
    • The action is set in a dingy, cluttered bedsit, and the cramped space at first seems ideal.
    • Now is the time to sift through those cluttered cupboards and clean up your act.
    • A lot of information is needlessly cluttering your mind.
    • Why bother cluttering my mind with silly questions like that?
    • Our streets are too cluttered with unnecessary rubbish, be it signage, bollards or railings.
    • I couldn't shift at all, my muscles were too tense and my mind too cluttered.
    • She pushed open the door and found the room even more cluttered then ever.
    • Behind a large oak desk cluttered with papers stands a cabinet whose door is ajar.
    • Remove some of the furniture if you think it's going to clutter up space.
    • The bedside table was so cluttered with objects that you couldn't even see the surface.
    • Our lives are already cluttered and I don't think we need to add to it.
    • And anyway, these protesters shouldn't be allowed to clutter up the pavements.