Traducción de co-opt en español:


Pronunciación /koʊˈɑpt/ /ˌkəʊˈɒpt/

verbo transitivo

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    to co-opt sb onto a committee invitar a algn a formar parte de una comisión
    • This Committee is authorised to co-opt more members, if necessary.
    • The members will be considering their options and deciding whether or not to co-opt new members onto the committee at this stage.
    • It was agreed that the officers would have the power to co-opt three members to act with them on the committee.
    • Deputy town clerk Linda Wakefield said the council would not be co-opting a new member.
    • Anyone who feels they have some time to spare or a particular expertise they can still volunteer and be co-opted to fill vacant committee positions - rising to the challenges and becoming involved is very rewarding.
    • If residents wanted fresh council elections, he said, ten voters from each parish had to write to the returning officer immediately, otherwise new members would be co-opted.
    • New members could be co-opted on to the council.
    • Further members will be co-opted at the next Council meeting.
    • So he refused to turn up at meetings after the election, meaning the council did not have enough members to conduct its business, pay its staff, or even co-opt new members to form a quorum.
    • We will elect nine people to the board, but it will have the ability to co-opt other members if necessary.
    • The Sub-Committees will co-opt members as required and in this regard will also welcome people who wish to come forward and offer their services.
    • If that does not happen, councillors may co-opt a new member.
    • A majority of the councillors then agreed to co-opt her as a member and, before last night, she had been to three meetings.
    • If no candidate had been nominated by early next month councillors would have been given the chance to co-opt a member.
    • If no candidates come forward town councillors have the power to co-opt a member.
    • He has also assured the action groups that he will co-opt one or two members on their recommendation, provided they meet his criterion.
    • Other departmental managers are co-opted onto the committee when the specific issues under discussion relate to their activities.
    • Five members were nominated for the forum, and they were given power to co-opt more members once a strategy had been formed.
    • She was first co-opted and then elected on to the professional conduct committee.
    • A civil engineer, he was urgently co-opted on to the building committee, when we needed to ensure that the foundations were safeguarded from flooding.