Traducción de co-writer en Español:


coautor, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkoʊraɪdər/ /ˈkəʊrʌɪtə/

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    coautor masculino
    coautora femenino
    • In fact, co-writer, Duncan, is the inspiration for the character.
    • That role was specifically written by my co-writer.
    • So I told him to hire a co-writer and that if we could do it in less time, we would.
    • She discusses the pressures of writing, and the difference a co-writer makes.
    • It helps to have a co-writer I can trust, who I can bounce ideas off of.
    • He takes centre stage as star, co-writer and co-director of this quirky comedy.
    • According to the article, he was a co-writer of the screenplay.
    • He was lead singer, guitarist, organist and co-writer of the group's two biggest hits.
    • Co-writer, Michael, is prone to discussing the big issues.
    • Alex is credited as co-writer for every song but there are some surprising collaborations.