Translation of coal in Spanish:


carbón, n.

Pronunciation /koʊl/ /kəʊl/

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    carbón masculine
    as black as coal negro como el carbón
    • coal bin carbonera
    • coal bunker carbonera
    • coal cellar carbonera
    • coal dust polvillo de carbón
    • coal fire fuego de / a carbón
    • coal industry industria del carbón
    • coal merchant carbonero
    • coal pit mina de carbón
    • coal seam veta de carbón
    • Thus, an industrially valuable coal seam requires special conditions to accumulate.
    • Surface mining began in the United States in the late eighteenth century, when farmers and others dug coal from exposed coal seams on hillsides and stream banks.
    • The breathing of coal and rock dust causes black lung, the common name given to the lung diseases pneumoconiosis and silicosis.
    • This increase was in line with a growing demand for coal, especially as coal was used for fuel for steam vessels.
    • Nine coal miners have been rescued following more than three days trapped underground.
    • A monument to mark Ingleton's coal mining heritage was officially unveiled this week.
    • I went to a bad state school in a coal mining town in Australia.
    • The plant burns lignite coal from the Maritsa Iztok mining complex and produces a large amount of sulphur dioxide.
    • Bituminous coal is found in seams of varying thicknesses.
    • Burning brown coal, using new technologies, is effective and environmentally acceptable.
    • How many people burn coal on open fires?
    • Coal bed methane is a type of natural gas found in underground coal seams.
    • Notice that the lower coal seam has vertical trees jutting out of it.
    • Other members of the committee wanted to build nothing more than a horse-drawn railway to bring cheap coal to York.
    • Wind energy simply cannot employ as many people as the coal industry currently does.
    • Every now and then the two firemen would shovel coal in to the boilers.
    • And it offers tax credits for alternative fuels, including wind power and clean coal.
    • And then there is the mystery of coal prices going up in global markets.
    • I would often dream of steering that train or even shovelling coal into its boilers.
    • New owners exploited coal reserves more actively and sought markets within and beyond their localities.
    • China has introduced a tax on high-sulphur coals, and in Beijing established 40 ‘coal-free zones’.