Translation of coal mine in Spanish:

coal mine

mina de carbón, n.


  • 1

    mina de carbón feminine
    • Gas power plants wiped out jobs in British coal mines.
    • A short distance from the coal mine, two rows of cramped houses face each other divided by a small dusty road.
    • Official figures show that 4,153 people died from coal mine accidents from January to September.
    • Coal production rose 9.1 percent as the country invested 86.1 percent more in coal mines.
    • Following thousands of emigrants pouring into the United States and Canada, they settled in western Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh's coal mines and steel mills.
    • Two predatory chancers wander the casual labour markets in large towns and persuade individuals to accompany them to find work in unregulated coal mines.
    • While methane in coal mines is responsible for unintentional explosions, it can be a substitute for natural gas.
    • When Haessle was fourteen years old, he started to work in a coal mine.
    • The state-owned coal mine has more than 3,400 employees and produces 2.3 million tons of coal a year.
    • He was born in Ostrava, an industrial city six hours east of Prague, and grew up in the midst of its coal mines in a family of six children.
    • Piles of black slag marked the entrances to small coal mines.
    • In Centralia, Pennsylvania, a fire in a coal mine has been burning for over 40 years.
    • Methane is already captured from coal mines and landfills in the United States and used to generate electricity.
    • One of his major enterprises was a coal mine.
    • The creek began running the color of old blood, poisoned by acids and heavy metals leached from the coal mines.
    • In the area where I live, there were generous redundancy payments when the coal mines closed.
    • France closed its last coal mine in 2004.
    • In addition to working in the Yorkshire mills, many Scotsmen found employment in nearby coal mines, where their dogs were welcome as exterminators.
    • The wind turbine will replace both the coal mine and the oil well.
    • Jack, the elder, works at the coal mine and is admired by his pals for his defiant attitude.