Translation of coal miner in Spanish:

coal miner

minero del carbón, n.


  • 1

    minero del carbón masculine
    minera del carbón feminine
    • Both of my grandfathers were coal miners down there as well.
    • Knowing they might lose their jobs, the coal miners refused to back down in their quest for safer working conditions and better pay.
    • As Pennsylvania replaced most traditional underground mining with longwall mining, the number of coal miners fell by 81%.
    • In Thatcher's England, the coal miners are on strike and the police are mobilized daily to put down potential riots.
    • When the coal miners pulled out, it left this rugged, mountainous area of southern West Virginia even more desperate.
    • Coal miners need protection from hazardous work conditions, argued Kelley.
    • Coal miners, who worked in the most dangerous and unpleasant circumstances, were paid substantially more than other workers.
    • A federal fund created in 1977 to pay coal miners who developed black lung was funded with a tax on mining companies.
    • If you're born into a family of coal miners, what's your most likely occupation?
    • Coal miners used to use parakeets to detect leaks.
    • Dickinson was initially brought up in Worksop by his grandfather, a coal miner.
    • By the age of 11, Hardie was a coal miner.