Translation of coalfield in Spanish:


yacimiento de carbón, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkoʊlˌfild/ /ˈkəʊlfiːld/


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    yacimiento de carbón masculine
    (with masculine article in the singular) (area of working mines) área de minas de carbón feminine
    (area of working mines) zona de minas de carbón feminine
    • In the Heshan coalfield, all coals show a strong marine influence, as indicated by the very high organic sulphur contents in the coals.
    • He was interested in the local rocks, and in 1791 set up for himself in the Somerset coalfield, where he was engaged in underground mine surveys and calculations of coal resources.
    • People here know there is a lot of ill health in the coalfields area, but the extent of it shocked everyone.
    • During the last three centuries coal from the Yorkshire coalfields has been one of the world's major sources of power.
    • It strikes back at the job losses experienced in the area's coalfields.
    • The trust will take over responsibility for projects under way to transform former coalfields to woodland and open areas, including 12 across the Yorkshire region.
    • Any subsidence in the Selby coalfield will be nothing like as bad, he says.
    • The coalfield was comparatively recent, however - mining only began there in 1983.
    • When these pictures were taken, the Lancashire coalfield boasted over 350 mines.
    • The increasing impact of this group on national life was identified with dissenting religion and with rapid changes in manufacturing and industry, especially in the coalfield areas.
    • The trust, set up in 1990 to safeguard the site, is leading a scheme to regenerate the former coalfield area.
    • Our argument is that the job situation in the coalfield areas is not as good as it looks from the figures.
    • Many of the coalfields are also in depressed areas.
    • The bridge became redundant when the railway was diverted to avoid subsidence caused by the Selby coalfield.
    • In the coalfields of the Appalachian Mountains, broomsedge dominates abandoned surface strip-mined areas, even after significant periods of time have elapsed since mining.
    • The union's refusal to defend jobs has left mining communities throughout the Appalachian coalfields in a depression-like state.
    • In the west are the Ruhr coalfields, while in the east there are large lignite deposits.
    • With no new mines anticipated for the northern section of the coalfield the port's commodity hinterland had effectively vanished.
    • When the mine closed he moved to the Nottingham coalfield and stayed down there.
    • But in one central place it took hold: in the great opencast coalfields of Kolubara, some 30 miles south of Belgrade, which provide the fuel to generate more than half of Serbia's electricity.