Translation of coalman in Spanish:


carbonero, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkoʊlmən/ /ˈkəʊlmən/

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nounplural coalmen

  • 1

    carbonero masculine
    • There are a lot of elderly people living in the country who depend on coal to heat their houses and depend on the coalman to deliver it to them.
    • Residents of Barnoldswick were proving very efficient in clearing snow from the paths but their policy of throwing snow on to the roads caused a number of problems for milkmen and coalmen.
    • If a coalman sells a bag of coal with 10 kg less coal in it than it should have, then he will make an extra profit.
    • There is one particularly striking image of a city gent walking with the Bank of England on one side and a coalman on the other, lifting a bag of coal from his truck.
    • ‘I began taking a closer look at the postman, the coalman and the chimneysweep,’ joked Louis.
    • He wore an old leather jerkin, the type that coalmen have, and a whitish shirt and a flat cap.
    • Colin known to his friends as ‘Coke’, a nickname earned during his teenage years when he worked as a coalman, loved music.
    • However, the son of a Somerset coalman wasn't content with staying put in Devon.
    • A coalman from York has become world champion in what must be one of the most unusual sports in existence.
    • Gardai had to escort Derry and Donegal coal trucks into Sligo town to make home deliveries following attacks on the trucks from Sligo coalmen.