Translation of coastline in Spanish:


costa, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkoʊstˌlaɪn/ /ˈkəʊs(t)lʌɪn/

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    costa feminine
    • It has put up clear warnings about the dangers of the sea at regular intervals along this stretch of coastline.
    • It is claimed that on a really fine day it is possible to see as far away as Galway Bay up along the local coastline.
    • It would be a huge boost to the already booming tourist industry along the county coastline.
    • The spokesman said it was common for seals to be found along the south Essex coastline.
    • Along the mainland coastline are shallow reefs and a scattering of wrecks.
    • Yorkshire pride is at stake in a new competition to find the nation's favourite stretch of coastline.
    • Deposits have been discovered on a number of stretches of coastline over the past couple of weeks.
    • The house sits on 35 acres and has a mile of private coastline including a private beach.
    • So she sold her Sydney flat and bought a house on the shores of the city's northern coastline.
    • The town stretched along the coastline, most of it out of sight behind hills that rose up either side of the plain.
    • Seals, porpoises and sometimes even Minke whales also visit this coastline.
    • Its thick, gummy oil has blackened hundreds of miles of coastline in Spain.
    • I had not realised it has the longest coastline of anywhere in the country.
    • In fact, not even a week had passed since another surfer had been eaten on exactly the same piece of coastline.
    • However, as with the rest of the world, things are changing fast on this idyllic coastline.
    • As day dawned, the landing craft was just off the French coastline and the order to go in was given.
    • It's a rugged county with a spectacular and breathtaking coastline, full of history and legend.
    • The suddenness of the tsunami caught literally tens of thousands of people unaware along the coastlines of southern Asia.
    • Large ponds are dug along coastlines, and any mangrove forests or wetlands in the way are destroyed.