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coat check

guardarropa, n.

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    guardarropa masculino
    • I walked to the coat check, determined to go home.
    • We were politely directed to the coat check and the drink tables - again, an impressive show of organization without attitude.
    • The event was marred somewhat by the fact that I got all my money stolen out of my wallet at the coat check.
    • Meaning that both the coat check and the auxiliary coat check were full, and so we had to carry our parkas.
    • I took care of all the plants, and also worked the coat check during special events.
    • He got his white puffy coat from the coat check and returned.
    • The only redeeming factors are the view and the free coat check.
    • All in all, I lost about $200 plus tips from not working at the coat check those four days.
    • When the song was over, they, too, quickly dropped their microphones and made their way to the coat check.
    • We came inside with wet umbrellas and checked them with the coat check.
    • Only one gripe - why do they charge you for the coat check when you are dining?
    • I didn't say anything, leaving her at the bar as I made my way to the coat check.
    • He chuckled and said something about thinking I was the coat check girl.
    • Supposedly, there was to be a second encore, but more than half of the bar had already made way to the coat check, so they scratched that idea.
    • Dominic knew without asking that was where Jocelyn wanted to go, so after leaving their belongings at the coat check, he led her into the ballroom.
    • I hope you find your boyfriend; he was over by coat check the last time I saw him
    • She passed the cash register and coat check to enter the double doors of the main part of the club.
    • Indeed, they all admirably lent a hand when the bar and coat check were severely understaffed.
    • My only grizzle was with the lack of coat check facilities and unhelpfulness of the staff.
    • I ended up having to sign some wretched form and explain to bouncers and grumpy coat check girls that I was with the press.