Translation of coat stand in Spanish:

coat stand

perchero, n.

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    perchero masculine
    • The clank of our umbrellas as we hook them round the coat stand is shocking, like something clinking on a Church floor during prayer.
    • ‘Hey, princess,’ Lyle greeted Alisha, hugging her when he reached where she was standing by the coatracks.
    • There's an empty fish tank built into the cement block wall on your immediate right, a coatrack and umbrella stand on the left.
    • Noticing that he was lacking his overcoat, she remembered her place and turned towards the mahogany coat stand that stood in the corner of the room.
    • She smiles warmly and leans her mop against the coat stand.
    • She padded through to the living room and to the coat stand.
    • Leo stood and walked towards the door, taking his jacket off the coat stand.
    • Placing his cape on the coat stand by the door, Rupert walked through the living room.
    • As soon as she reached the Nurse's Station, she gathered up her things and slung her purse over her shoulder, accidentally knocking over a coat stand by the exit.
    • Loretta got to her feet and walked over to the coat stand.
    • Richter was out of the door in a flash, almost toppling the coat stand as he energetically wrenched his overcoat from it's wooden knob.
    • Cursing herself for lacking anything to protect herself with, she spied an umbrella sitting next to the coat stand.
    • He removed his heavy cloak and placed it on the coat stand by the door, revealing his face for the first time to the four of them.
    • In addition to tables and chairs the Merklens made cheval mirrors, umbrella stands, coat stands, hat racks, mirrors, and the ubiquitous Victorian pedestal.
    • He takes off his coat, draping it over an old-fashioned brass coatrack.