Translation of coax in Spanish:


Pronunciation /koʊks/ /kəʊks/

transitive verb

  • 1

    to coax sb/sth into -ing
    to coax sb to + inf
    to coax sth from sb sonsacarle algo a algn
    to coax sth out of sb sonsacarle algo a algn
    I managed to coax an answer/the information out of her logré sonsacarle una respuesta/la información
    • a coaxing voice/smile una voz/sonrisa persuasiva
    • This year I was coaxed into starting my holiday baking early.
    • He was coaxed into a reading and soon found himself studying with an acting coach, having his long hair cut to marine length for the part.
    • After the fighting ended, he hid in the jungle for two years before he was coaxed into surrendering.
    • Once he was finally coaxed into a room with some of the city's finest musicians last year, he was hooked.
    • We weren't exactly abducted either, we were coaxed into coming into their house.
    • They're yachts, mainly, and very beautiful, and it wasn't long before my wife was coaxed into taking lessons.
    • It was his father who saw his potential and started cajoling and coaxing him into playing.
    • I smiled and walked faster, coaxing him to walk faster too.
    • He kept on trying to coax her to walk into the water, but she adamantly shook her head.
    • The actors were somehow coaxed into performances that matched their gigantic surroundings.
    • I had to go down and personally coax him out of the car so that we could get him back here.
    • You might see a fairly significant change if you could coax him into going for a 30 minute walk most days of the week.
    • She warns them that she doesn't want to wear the cloak but they insist and her mother coaxes her to go along with their request.
    • Her natural buoyancy eventually coaxed us into conversation, and saved the day.
    • Maybe he too had regrets, perhaps he wished he'd talked to him more often, coaxed him to spill out his memories and secrets.
    • The pang in my belly coaxed me inside to see what their table had to offer.
    • He waved at me as if he knew me already and coaxed me to come over and talk to him for while.
    • The negotiators talked to him and managed to coax him out.
    • I tried to coax him down but I could see he was terrified.
    • I coax him to the table by setting out an open beer.