Traducción de cob en español:


jaca, n.

Pronunciación /kɑb/ /kɒb/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(horse)

      jaca femenino
      • He just untied the pack mule from its tie to the back of the cob's saddle and led him along the cobblestone path.
      • He owns a pair of cobs which pull the Romany caravan he built himself, and when the mood takes him they take to the road.
      • The judge said: ‘This is a superb cob and a worthy champion.’
      • Rowan, a five-year-old cob and shire cross who is 16 hands tall, was trapped for six hours in a water-filled ditch at a farm.
      • The head groom lent him a large, strong, dappled grey cob named Trojan.

    • 1.2(male swan)

      cisne macho masculino
      • The male swan, or cob was unable to free itself for three days after a fishing hook became embedded in its leg and the fishing line got wrapped around it.
      • The founding member of the organisation said a male cob was mowed down as it crossed the road.
      • There are ducks and cranes, and every few miles a cob and pen circle as only swans can in their own territory.
      • My wife and our Labrador were attacked by a cob today, and although no physical harm was done they were both terrified.
      • She said, ‘This was a large, healthy, handsome cob who was hit by a motorist and died with multiple injuries.’

  • 2corncob

    mazorca (de maíz) femenino
    choclo masculino América del Sur
    elote masculino América Central, México
  • 3Britanico

    pan (redondo) masculino
    • This is a sort of British chowder, which is lovely eaten with a crusty cob, heavily spread with British butter.
    • This year it was his crusty and soft rolls, Chelsea buns, and large crusty cobs which caught the adjudicator's eye resulting in a cache of trophies.