Translation of cobra in Spanish:


cobra, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkoʊbrə/ /ˈkəʊbrə/ /ˈkɒbrə/

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    cobra feminine
    • The dexterity with which the charmers handle deadly snakes such as cobras and vipers has added to the allure of the street-side performances.
    • The snake charmers, in return for a small fee, rescue species like cobras and rat snakes that show up in people's homes and release them in forests.
    • While human encounters with cobras, vipers, and pythons can prove fatal, more often than not it is the snakes that are killed.
    • There, a rearing cobra with its hood spread wide was a symbol of royalty.
    • Scientists report that even hatching cobras, such as this red Mozambique cobra, instinctively aim and spit at a perceived predator's eyes.