Translation of cobweb in Spanish:


telaraña, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɑbˌwɛb/ /ˈkɒbwɛb/


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    telaraña feminine
    • Sure enough, there it was, nestled in a corner along with a cluster of dusty cobwebs and long deceased spiders.
    • Yes, I know that archives exist, but archives are invariably dusty, filled with cobwebs and virtually uninhabited.
    • The house was dusty and cobwebs lined the walls.
    • Dusty cobwebs collect in the corners of the room.
    • The place was very dusty and cobwebs hung like a massive veil over the shelves of aged books.
    • It was dusty and had cobwebs all over the place; you can tell no one has been down here in quite a while.
    • The place was dusty and filled with cobwebs as if it had been abandoned for years.
    • The only curtain on view had been woven by spiders, and their silky cobwebs obscured a stage of damp walls and dusty floors.
    • There are spiders and cobwebs lining the inside of the windows.
    • There is a cobweb hanging from a long strand of grass by the dusty dirt road that leads us to our destination.
    • They stood side by side for a moment, staring into the torn undersides of the chair, at the cobwebs and the little balls of spider eggs.
    • The current gang of squatters are not happy we have moved in - the woodworm, some hairy spiders, 20 years of cobwebs and a family of field mice.
    • I had to get the vacuum cleaner out to clean out all the dust and cobwebs.
    • It was dusty, unpainted, and had cobwebs in every corner.
    • As she walked down the hallway she noticed that everything was a bit dustier than she remembered, and cobwebs lined the hallway ceiling.
    • Hopefully the spring sunshine will rip away the cobwebs and dust that have gathered all winter.
    • Unlocking the door, he entered the shop and traded the cold and wet for cobwebs and musk.
    • He spotted silky cobwebs and hanging skeletons placed around the old wooden walls.
    • In the gloom I saw cobwebs hanging from the ceiling.
    • Fake cobwebs and real pumpkins were everywhere.