Traducción de cochineal en español:


cochinilla, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkɑtʃəˌniəl/ /ˌkɒtʃɪˈniːl/ /ˈkɒtʃɪniːl/

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    cochinilla femenino
    • The brightly-coloured snack contains a red dye processed from the dried body of the female cochineal insect, collected in central America.
    • The kermes was expensive and the abundant cochineal insect could be used to make a cheap substitute.
    • Farmed, harvested, and dried by natives on small family plots, cochineal insects helped color the silks and wools of Hapsburg royalty.
    • The cactus, or more precisely, the cochineal insects that feed on it yield a red-purple stain when crushed.
    • The Aztecs cultivated cochineal and produced a red dye that was the brightest and strongest color Europe had ever seen.
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    cochinilla femenino
    carmín masculino