Translation of cocked hat in Spanish:

cocked hat

sombrero de tres picos, n.


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    sombrero de tres picos masculine
    • The cloth cap replaced the cocked hat for duty in 1841, displaying the current device by 1883 and the gold-embroidered visor in 1897.
    • They dress in brocade costumes with cocked hats and swords, and they're known as The Immortals.
    • When he got closer, he saw with a shock that two were dressed in 17th century clothes, with velvet coats, cocked hats, boots, pistols and swords.
    • It is at this point that the writers and director pull a series of surprise twists out of their cocked hats.
    • The officers also still had their cocked hats, which were kept for formal occasions and for proceeding ashore.
    • Most of them sported at least one earring, but nobody except the captain wore a cocked hat.
    • He is a local hero and part of the city's mythology: the gentleman robber in cape and cocked hat who on his famous horse Black Bess rode from London to York in a day.