Traducción de cocoa butter en español:

cocoa butter

manteca de cacao, n.


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    manteca de cacao femenino
    mantequilla de cacao femenino
    • Chalk up these good-for-the-skin benefits to the essential ingredient cocoa butter - a moisture-rich vegetable fat that can help soothe dry skin.
    • To make chocolate, processors mix the cocoa liquor with cocoa butter, sugar and, to create milk chocolate, different forms of milk.
    • With its higher percentages of cocoa solids and cocoa butter, this is what hard-core chocolate craving is all about.
    • Commonly suggested remedies such as cocoa butter, vitamin E oil and other preparations or creams have no evidence that they actually work.
    • In the late 1800s, a Dutchman invented the cocoa press, which could separate the ground beans into cocoa powder and cocoa butter.