Traducción de coconut shy en español:

coconut shy

tiro al coco, n.


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    (in UK)
    tiro al coco masculino
    • There were plenty of games, many of which had been made by the children themselves including a coconut shy, ball games and a tombola.
    • It's like being in a coconut shy and having things thrown at you - being battered and buffeted.
    • The reverend from the church brought a bouncy castle and there were side shows, a coconut shy and indoor dancing throughout the afternoon.
    • There was also a wide range of traditional sideshow attractions which included darts, hoopla and a coconut shy.
    • Sideshows at the fête included bowling, fishing for ducks, a coconut shy, golfing and shooting ranges, and a lucky dip.
    • The dancers performed in the central arena, surrounded by stalls varying from a lobster raffle to a coconut shy.
    • The children also took part in Victorian pastimes such as Throw the Horseshoe, a coconut shy, a tin can alley, marbles and hoop the duck.
    • There were lots of fun and games for both children and adults from the coconut shy and the death slide to a merry-go-round and a bouncy castle.
    • There were also funfair treats and games, such as candyfloss and a coconut shy.
    • There were also traditional children's games such as hula hoop, hook a duck, coconut shy and wellington throwing.
    • Old English traditional pastimes such as skittles, a coconut shy and pony rides were on offer to the public alongside the more modern entertainments including bouncy castles and a football penalty shoot-out.
    • A children's fancy dress parade kicked off the event, which also included a rugby challenge, wheelbarrow rides, donkey rides, face painting, a surfing machine and a coconut shy.
    • A coconut shy, a welly-throwing competition and a selection of stalls selling cakes, drinks and bric-a-brac, all helped to make the day a memorable occasion.
    • In the coconut shy that is the government's e-strategy, the technology minister has tossed a 25 million computer training ball.
    • The team, surely, has another 1-10 in them but they understand what it's like to be treated like a coconut shy.
    • The stall infuriated local traders and it is believed the same person renting the site in the park is also the owner of the controversial coconut shy.
    • There will also be a roundabout, coconut shy, water splash and railway rides.
    • The funfair will boast around 40 miniature attractions, as well as sideshows and coconut shies.
    • The event is to be an old-fashioned fair with coconut shies and hooplas rather than more modern games.
    • Away from the kiddie rides and the coconut shies, there's the House of Freaks or the burlesque show.