Translation of code name in Spanish:

code name

nombre en clave, n.


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    nombre en clave masculine
    • I don't known why the Secret Service gives out the code name, but his code name is Tumbler.
    • We don't know if that's his real name or a code name.
    • Ah, he does not want me to say his name but he has given me a code name.
    • The mission was so secret that the unit was not even given a formal name or number, and only referred to by its code name.
    • ‘Liberty is a code name for this formative initiative,’ says the press release.
    • Please submit your code name and password.
    • He never used a code name; he would give his first name if necessary but usually told complainants to ask for the file number.
    • The girl was Japanese and answered to the code name of Kitsune, the word for fox.
    • At one point, I worked up a list of five requirements for a superhero: superpowers, a costume, a code name, a mission, and a milieu.
    • The code name for this endeavor is Operation Secret Squirrel and that is how I will refer to it until I'm ready to unveil it (if that day ever comes).
    • Couldn't they have given this military operation a better code name than ‘Operation Red Dawn’?
    • Without any special knowledge of the field, it seems unlikely that any competent espionage organization would assign a code name so easy to decipher.
    • The best use of this effect during the film is during a scene known as the ‘Burly Brawl’, actually the code name for the film during early production.
    • Then I thought, well, he must have a code name, I can't keep saying ‘he’, or ‘the blond man’.
    • Because he moves around so much, we've given him a code name.
    • Long before the war is over, we'll all know its reassuring code name.
    • When Hitler invaded the Soviet Union, the military code name was Operation Barbarossa.
    • The weekly report cites the incident twice, referring to its code name of Sea Lords 358.
    • I shall have to think of a code name for the project so I can talk about it in safety.
    • Yonah is the code name for the first dual-core mobile processor, initially revealed by sources earlier this year and confirmed in September.

transitive verb

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    dar un nombre clave a
    it was code-named 'Eagle' se le dio el nombre clave de 'Eagle'