Translation of code word in Spanish:

code word

palabra de acceso, n.


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    palabra de acceso feminine
    clave de acceso feminine
    contraseña de acceso feminine
    • Teach your children not to ride with anyone they don't know or with anyone who doesn't know the code word.
    • Winston Churchill, who personally vetted many of the British military code words, ordered that they should be neither overly boastful, nor frivolous.
    • Undercover police responded to an ad offering Tina (a code word for crystal meth) for sale.
    • How does the military choose its code words?
    • As the man disembarked, we heard him shout the code word.
    • Code words are shouted out to alert drug dealers and buyers to the presence of police in both sites.
    • I was a canvasser, which is a code word for door-to-door moneygrubber.
    • "People of faith," as used by the event's organizers, is another duplicitous locution; it's a code word for only one specific and exclusionary brand of Christianity.
    • We have a little code word that she says to me if she spots one of her clients in a restaurant or at a party - not to let me know who it is, but so I can behave in a certain way.
    • Efficiency is usually a code word for sidestepping environmental rules.
    • For many, "progress" is merely a code word for mass privatization.
    • "Privacy" in 1776 was a code word for toilet functions.
    • Is this really a code word for some underground fascist movement?
    • They enjoy the planning, the feeling of being in a working group, the secret code words, and so on.
    • The system involves setting up a code word that is included in the email so that you can ensure it's legitimate.