Traducción de codefendant en español:


codemandado, n.

Pronunciación /ˌkoʊdəˈfɛndənt/


  • 1

    codemandado masculino
    codemandada femenino
    • Today the disgraced star received a longer prison sentence than either of his co-defendants.
    • They wrapped up their case against the deposed president by asking a judge to sentence him to death along with two of his co-defendants.
    • My attorney even tabulated the amount of drugs recorded on the wiretaps over the three-month period dealt by the dozens of co-defendants.
    • Fourth, he did not think of the consequences of making a false confession either to himself or to his two co-defendants.
    • Two of the three co-defendants have been sentenced today.
    • Do not take into account against the two co-defendants his allegations of what he says he knows about them.
    • There were five co-defendants in court on Monday facing charges in connection with an assault in Hampton in March.
    • Five co-defendants were convicted for their roles in the attack.
    • Two co-defendants were also convicted of racketeering conspiracy charges, including murder.
    • Four co-defendants were also sentenced to prison during the retrial.
    • The co-defendants in the trial received sentences ranging from two to five years imprisonment.
    • The guidance in the note is that such warning should not be given where co-defendants have given evidence against each other.
    • Those observations, of course, would have applied with equal force to the three co-defendants who had been sentenced earlier by the same judge.
    • I'm sure my codefendants are discussing this with their lawyers.
    • The court deferred sentencing until the trial of two additional codefendants is complete.
    • The bill is also good for entrepreneurs, reformers say, because small businesses often get swept up as co-defendants in class-action suits.
    • However, the trial that ended yesterday is not the only one in which the two men are co-defendants.
    • And neither she nor her co-defendants wanted to destroy the State.
    • The appellant and his co-defendants left at about 3 am.
    • A Dorchester man and two codefendants were held on bail yesterday in an alleged armed robbery and hostage standoff Sunday on Wales Street.