Traducción de codependency en español:


codependencia, n.

Pronunciación /ˌkoʊdəˈpɛndənsi/ /kəʊdɪˈpɛnd(ə)nsi/


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    codependencia femenino
    • And what exactly is codependency, the psychological condition that has apparently swept the nation?
    • If I had known that this level of codependency existed between them, you better believe I would have exercised more caution.
    • The program is for people who are working on issues such as chemical and process addictions, codependency and dysfunctional family issues.
    • The children were reunited and now work on their codependency in therapy.
    • It does not advance them at all; it gets them enmeshed in a relationship of codependency.
    • Scores of self-help books have been written from a conservative standpoint on how to have a happy marriage, make more money, or overcome codependency.
    • From the standpoint of the U.S. side of the global codependency, the official purchases along with private market purchases have tended to hamper dollar depreciation.
    • I have become painfully aware that codependency is making what everybody else thinks more important than what I think.
    • When we fail to do this and make someone else the center of our lives, we're moving away from healthy connection and toward unhealthy codependency, she adds.
    • As brilliant as the documentary was, it did not contain Harvey's personal life - his lovers, his codependency, his friends.
    • I am seeing a trend toward openness and communication between the two disciplines as they gain a clearer understanding of their codependency.
    • It's imperative, he says, not to create codependency with the organization.
    • The entire relationship turns into a game of guess-my-mood, a relentless exercise in codependency.
    • Members of the denomination must understand that pastor codependency is a serious problem.
    • By the end of the last decade, a kind of codependency had evolved between the two countries.
    • The ‘issues’ the reviewer complains about are in fact relatively minor to the plot which centres on the codependency between abuser and victim, mother and daughter.
    • His insight into the codependency of progress and poverty undermined the 19th-century belief in the uninterrupted progress of Western civilization.
    • It depicts both the conflicts and the codependency between innovators and institutions, both governmental and private.
    • It seems likely that the codependency will break down long before this.
    • Come in Monday morning as if to a new job, and break the codependency between you and your beloved.