Hay 2 traducciones principales de coed en español

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mixto, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈkoʊˌɛd/ /ˈkəʊɛd/ /kəʊˈɛd/

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    • We picked out coed teams and played football etc.
    • Even in all-female colleges the number of women athletes fall considerably below that needed to satisfy Title IX requirements in coed colleges.
    • Women who attend women's colleges tend to major in science, mathematics and technology disciplines in greater numbers than women who attend coed institutions.
    • She believed coed schools were best for everyone.
    • If we're talking about boys and girls - and most children do go to coed schools - then let's talk about ways to equalize the experience.
    • The coach was the person who reasoned her into playing soccer for the coed team.
    • Today we are a coed school of 550 with enlarged faculty and administration.
    • Originally founded as a coed institution in 1893 by the United Methodist Church, Bennett became a women's college in 1926.
    • Religious schools are also widespread, and during the last two decades they have started to open to coed education.
    • I decided to check out one of the more popular leagues - indoor coed soccer.
    • Coax nine pals into forming a stag or coed softball team and join the Parks and Recreation League; the season starts in March.
    • If women want to meet men, they should join a bike club or play coed soccer.
    • The rutted roads were thick with mostly male and coed groups, camped where the piñons give way to cottonwoods down by the creek.
    • I've even met some parents who provide the alcohol at their kids' parties or permit coed sleepovers.
    • Another night, another motel room, and now the guys have insisted on coed rooms.
    • Upstairs in the same club there is a coed bathroom.
    • Choose from women-only or coed classes, each with a maximum 8-1 student-teacher ratio.
    • They had met when a mutual friend had invited her to play on a coed soccer team.
    • She was going to a very prestigious, Catholic, coed high school that offered the best sporting programs in the city.
    • We were crammed into a coed warehouse that housed more than 300 people.

Hay 2 traducciones principales de coed en español

: coed1coed2



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    alumna de una institución de enseñanza mixta
    • The film follows a group of college coeds who decide to take a wild trip during spring break over to a Halloween-style rave on a dark and desolate island.
    • It may be time to set aside any preconceived notions about these coeds and start thinking of them as serious consumers.
    • In those days, Alabama coeds had to be in by midnight.
    • He spoke with authority and enthusiasm, apparently oblivious to the adoring gazes of his star-struck coeds.
    • Laden with a mismatched stack of old leather-bound books, the pretty coed rounded an aisle and nearly collided with a scruffy looking male.