Translation of coercion in Spanish:


coacción, n.

Pronunciation /koʊˈərʒən/ /koʊˈərʃən/ /kəʊˈəːʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    coacción feminine
    by coercion bajo coacción
    • He denied he had made the confession under coercion and threat, as alleged by his father.
    • There is also a belief that worker performance is based on either rewards offered by management or the threat of coercion.
    • If psychiatry is to move forward it is necessary, but not sufficient, to resist state coercion and to listen to patients.
    • This is really your opportunity to be yourself, to do something without coercion from others.
    • He refused to speculate as to the identity of the groups or individuals who had been behind the coercion.