Traducción de coercive en español:


coactivo, adj.

Pronunciación /koʊˈərsɪv/ /kəʊˈəːsɪv/

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    • The Commonwealth has no military force, or coercive power apart from suspension and expulsion.
    • Welfare recipients are to face new coercive measures to force them into workfare or to accept cheap labor jobs.
    • He is the leading advocate of the superiority of voluntary or spontaneous forces over coercive ones.
    • Thus, a monarch with absolute power must take coercive control over an otherwise savage society either by mutual consent or by force.
    • The threat of force is sometimes a necessary component of coercive diplomacy.
    • At that point, any exercise of the state's coercive powers fails to respect the essentials of our humanity.
    • What we have here is the government using its coercive power over prisoners for commercial advantage.
    • His emphasis on the coercive and controlling aspects of the state evoked the Stalin legacy.
    • Most people believe that children should be spared from coercive power dynamics.
    • It seems to often assume that power is coercive only if exercised by the State.
    • The family soon experienced the coercive recruiting tactics of the government forces.
    • For coercive diplomacy to succeed, the demands made of the targeted government need to be precise, limited and deliverable.
    • We object only when planners promote coercive schemes and claim they offer benefits they do not.
    • The inescapable evils of coercive behavior are not unique to government.
    • This is a movie with a distinct and startling cinematic language, but with uncomfortably coercive mannerisms.
    • How can you say we are more coercive when you have never spoken to us?
    • Thus, values and norms were imposed through coercive instruments rather than consensus.
    • There has been an increasing acknowledgment that assimilation could have a coercive element to it.
    • Language is a good example of the coercive nature of conventions.
    • The coercive diplomacy that could yet lead to the dictator's disarmament or his disposal by his own side must be pursued.