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café, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkɔfi/ /ˈkɑfi/ /ˈkɒfi/

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    (beans, granules, drink)
    café masculino
    coffee filter filtro de café
    • coffee grounds poso del café
    • coffee mill / grinder molinillo de café
    • coffee spoon cucharita de café
    • Despite shortages of certain items like instant coffee, sugar, and most of our milk powder, the food was lasting well.
    • The value of the raw beans contained in a jar of instant coffee may be no more than a few pennies, but the final product may be sold for over £2.
    • The gifts offered to health professionals amounted to a jar of instant coffee and some non-medical books.
    • He stated that he funded his habit by shoplifting coffee and soap powder which he would then sell on to buy drugs.
    • Put your instant coffee and sugar into your cup, then a dash of the old boiling and start stirring vigorously.
    • They'd all trek to the store and they'd swap that for coffee and sugar and flour and things that they had to buy to live on through the winter.
    • Famine was a regular occurrence, while spices, coffee and sugar were sucked out for Western markets at vast profit to Dutch business.
    • He had purchased supplies; coffee, flour, sugar, and a few sacks of sweet wheat middling, without salt.
    • He filled the coffee-maker with water and spooned in ground coffee from a smoked-glass jar.
    • Finding a kettle and some instant coffee, he made himself a steaming mug-full and wandered through to the living room.
    • She found nothing of the sort, so she started looking through the cupboards for instant coffee.
    • Over the last 10 years, the quality of instant coffee has improved significantly.
    • All right, instant coffee has its place alongside other short cuts in life.
    • Others may choose to boil water in a pot on the stove and add instant or finely ground coffee.
    • Instant coffee is made principally from Robusta beans.
    • They also can buy the coffee by the bag and sell it at a profit, which the congregation then keeps for their own missionary and social justice work.
    • The company says it paid an average of $1.20 a pound for the unroasted coffee it bought last year.
    • In memorium, though, I will now always try to buy sustainably grown coffee as promoted by the foundation.
    • Burundi and Rwanda are predominantly agricultural economies with their primary exports being coffee and tea.
    • The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank encourage indebted countries to export primary goods such as coffee, cocoa or copper.
    • I usually just drink ordinary dark roast coffee, as strong as possible.
    • He drank the rest of his cup of coffee and ground out the cigarette in the ashtray.
    • Wendy's heart was pumping violently in her chest, as if she'd drunk ten cups of coffee in so many minutes.
    • I pulled on my jacket and glanced at my mother who was drinking her coffee through a Styrofoam cup.
    • Meanwhile, only 8 percent of regular coffee drinkers drink decaf.
    • I drank endless cups of coffee and cinnamon tea.
    • Siobhan took another drink of her coffee, putting the cup down.
    • With the exception of espresso coffee, all drinks appeared to come in disposable cups/mugs, whilst the plates were also for one-time use only.
    • Australians drink coffee in smaller cups, our baristas tend to swirl the milk a little less, and we have completely different terminology.
    • Michael slid off the saddle and walked up to the mess wagon as Jeff poured him a cup of coffee.
    • Dmitri poured another cup of coffee and drank it down in two swallows.
    • Chelsea pours herself a cup of coffee, drinking it black and scalding hot.
    • He yawned loudly, taking a drink of coffee from the plastic cup he was holding.
    • I am now drinking the coffee directly from the carafe, attempting to wake up.
    • If we have a meeting, the staff has to buy the coffee.
    • I quit drinking coffee and bought a bottle of caffeine tablets.
    • A team of volunteers serve tea, coffee and food.
    • At 7:30 in the morning we're going to be serving cookies, coffee and donuts completely for free.
    • We wouldn't think of having a seminar without serving food or coffee.
    • Concrete benches provide seating for local workers to enjoy lunches and coffee breaks, while cypress trees form a buffer to the park precinct.
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    color café con leche masculino
    café con leche masculino
    • Some give cooler hues of mushroom, putty or milky coffee.
    • In the theme of green, male colours such as cream white, light coffee, green and brown along with soft cut and cute details give a profile of romantic woman.
    • There are single, doubles, anemone-flowered forms, and an amazing choice of colour variations - from coffee through to citrus yellow.
    • Its coffee brown doors were flailing around in the sudden wind.
    • The woman's hair flowed behind down to her waist where barrettes were clipped onto her coffee brown hair.
    • Her coffee brown eyes were sharp and darkened with every word she uttered.
    • She saw the face of an ugly man with dirty brown hair and coffee colored eyes.
    • She was gorgeous, with braided coffee coloured hair, smooth, spotless dark skin, hazel eyes and heart shaped lips.
    • They walked along the same succulent sea by which pasty-white holiday makers tend to flop in order to obtain coffee brown tans.
    • Natural colours such as sienna, coffee, verdure, burgundy, metal and champagne are chosen as ambient colours.