Traducción de coffee bar en español:

coffee bar

café, n.

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    café masculino
    cafetería femenino
    • Vienna's polite coffee house society is in open revolt over plans to turn one of the city's most prestigious cafes into an Italian-style coffee bar.
    • Butler's cafe has raised the coffee bar to super-latte levels, and the chocolate truffles are worthy of a place in bonbon heaven.
    • Onboard facilities include a coffee bar, café, bar, children's playroom and promenade deck.
    • The purpose of the change to a coffee bar or cafe is given as ‘enhancing existing library services’.
    • The developers were keen to secure a coffee bar and traditional restaurant for the remaining units.
    • This was once Nicholson's, for 10 years the best coffee bar and restaurant in the area.
    • It has a lecture theatre, two studio classrooms, a shop, a coffee bar and a restaurant.
    • That's the kiosk, which shouldn't be confused with the cafe, coffee bar or restaurant, which are on the first, first and third floors, not in that order.
    • The coffee bar was reopened on Monday last week after experts carried out checks for refrigeration leaks and testing for chemical contamination.
    • Recently, I overheard a conversation in an LA coffee bar between two women, their faces set in the mask of permanent surprise which afflicts the surgically-enhanced.
    • People are quite used to popping into a coffee bar when they need to go these days.
    • There is a cherished notion of insights shared at the coffee bar or water cooler spawning new technologies, marketing campaigns or simply great ideas.
    • Now, of course I wanted to appear as sophisticated as I really was to this small-town girl, so I suggested we find a coffee bar to sit in and talk.
    • A full-service coffee bar has everything from espresso to hot chocolate, as well as appetizers.
    • He looks up, a little startled, his eyes a piercing blue - but within moments of me introducing myself, he's leading me off to the station coffee bar for a cappuccino.
    • Kelli glanced at her watch and started for the coffee bar.
    • The proposed health and leisure centre will feature a beautician's studio, a coffee bar, gym, jacuzzi, saunas and changing areas.
    • He had travelled the world, worked in Europe, run a coffee bar in Holland and then developed a passion and love for India.
    • Work will begin on a new church that will seat around 800 people and include a coffee bar.
    • Davis' building will be transformed into mixed space with offices and residential units combined, and perhaps a coffee bar on the ground floor.