Traducción de coffee break en español:

coffee break

pausa del café, n.


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    pausa del café femenino
    • The proceedings of the Ladies Club have come to a halt for a coffee break.
    • The two men were having their daily midmorning coffee break.
    • A good American friend asked me the question some time ago in the middle of a coffee break with friends.
    • About the second night I rode with him, we took a coffee break.
    • I'm just taking time out for a coffee break.
    • Some fit in by shooting the breeze during extended coffee breaks.
    • The keynote speeches were followed by a coffee break.
    • Staff members can lounge outdoors on a balcony during coffee breaks.
    • All the staff were willing to talk well into their hard-earned coffee break!
    • Each session will include a tea / coffee break.
    • My imaginary software company was going to have coffee breaks with free donuts every hour.
    • The first part of the conference (up to the morning coffee break) was devoted to reports of unusual experiences in everyday life.
    • Austrian city dwellers often take a midafternoon coffee break at a national institution, the coffeehouse.
    • I decided a short coffee break was what the situation suggested.
    • Don't lunch privately or take coffee breaks with the same person all the time.
    • For example, save the coffee break or quick bite for later.
    • In fact, at coffee break, there were about five people sitting there.
    • A casual conversation at a coffee break in South Africa is shaking up agricultural research throughout the developing world.
    • This is a bit of trivia for your coffee break.
    • I was able to show it during a coffee break.