Traducción de coffee pot en español:

coffee pot

cafetera, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkɔfi ˌpɑt/ /ˈkɑfi ˌpɑt/

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    cafetera femenino
    • At your feet is a silver tray with one cup, a silver coffee pot, a cream pitcher, and a sugar bowl.
    • Then with an irritated grunt of recognition he staggered over to the coffee pot and poured a cup into his own travel mug.
    • Isaiah moved over to the coffee pot and refilled his cup.
    • He reached for a tin cup and the coffee pot that was warm at all times.
    • I drew a cup from the coffee pot in one corner of the office.
    • Kendall pushed open the door with her back and hurried towards the table carrying the coffee pot, a cup and a lemon.
    • He pulled two mugs out, and turned the coffee pot on.
    • Reaching for the coffee pot simmering away behind him, he placed the mug he was polishing before her and filled it with the scalding brew.
    • He reached the coffee pot and yawned again while he poured a cup.
    • Joey led Elizabeth to the coffee pot and she poured herself a cup.
    • Cassandra sniggered from beside the coffee pot, where she was pouring herself a second mug.
    • He noticed a small coffee pot sitting on the coals, and poured some into his cup.
    • The coffee pot tipped over and started pouring gallon after gallon of the thick, burnt-coffee smelling liquid onto the floor.
    • Little spontaneous notes can be packed in with lunches, placed near the coffee pot, left on a pillow, even taped to the bathroom mirror.
    • She stumbled over to the counter where the coffee pot was.
    • The kitchen was large and except for a coffee pot plugged near the end of one counter the space was almost totally free of any type of normal kitchen clutter.
    • Anything from a car to a coffee pot, he could fix with ease.
    • As usual, I head downstairs and make for the coffee pot.
    • The coffee pot was the star of the first ever Webcam way back in 1993 and sat in the Trojan Room of the Computer Science Department of Cambridge University.
    • His gaze caught the coffee pot still suspended over the flames.