Translation of coffee table in Spanish:

coffee table

mesa de centro, n.


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    mesa de centro feminine
    mesa ratona feminine River Plate
    • coffee-table book
    • The studio is furnished with sofas, armchairs and a coffee table - not a desk in sight.
    • Luca smiled warmly as he leaned back in the comfortable recliner, feet resting on the coffee table before him.
    • It's the kind of place where you go in for a light-bulb and come out with a sofa, two armchairs and a coffee table.
    • On show in the gallery is a striking coffee table fashioned from an elm burr found in a Tipperary wood.
    • Arrange the vessels in a grid on a coffee table or in a row down the middle of a dining table.
    • There is even a coffee table and two armchairs if you want to chat with your girlfriend in private.
    • Beside the armchair was a coffee table covered with magazines and newspapers.
    • There were two sofas, and three armchairs scattered around a glass coffee table.
    • He sat me on his couch and on the coffee table in front of us were lines upon lines of this powder.
    • She places them on a small coffee table in front of a sofa covered in books, notes and papers.
    • Natalie spat the keys out onto the coffee table and threw the bags down onto the sofa.
    • After watching for a few minutes, Greg reached into the drawer of the coffee table and pulled out a deck of cards.
    • Tom sat down regally in one of the armchairs and dropped his book bag softly on the coffee table.
    • Not seeing them, she chucked her keys onto the coffee table and collapsed on the large couch.
    • I almost jumped when Shane tossed the remote control onto the coffee table loudly and slid off the couch.
    • I sat down on the huge leather couch and put my feet up on the marble coffee table.
    • There was an oak coffee table in front of the couch and a big screen T.V. laid in front of that.
    • His friend, Luke, sprawled back on the couch and propped his feet up on the coffee table.
    • On the coffee table at his side was a stack of papers held together with a large paper clip.
    • I pulled the basket up to chest level and set it on the small coffee table next to my chair.