Translation of coffer in Spanish:


cofre, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɔfər/ /ˈkɑfər/ /ˈkɒfə/

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  • 1

    cofre masculine
    • Other variations might include the integration of a box base used for storage, but despite appearances, box settles are not derivations of a chest or coffer.
    • They searched through the libraries and studies, the walls of houses, chests, drawers, coffers and places where money is stored.
    • The use of lacquered caskets and coffers for the storage of valuables recurs in a number of paintings.
    • It is also sometimes equally difficult to distinguish the Japanese lacquered coffers and caskets found in paintings from the japanned imitations made in Europe.
    • Most often illustrated, however, are lacquered boxes and coffers that seem to have been imported in larger quantities than any other lacquerware.
    • Some carpets of lesser value were shored elsewhere; others covered chests, writing desks, tables, and coffers.
    • Tellingly, the newspaper doesn't describe the politician's loot as being contained in a coffer, which has a sordid, old politics feel to it.
    • In the background is a large lacquered coffer, its side decorated with a flying bird and another perched in a tree.
    • The prince had to order a second coffer of cigarettes, and coffee in small porcelain cups decorated with dying swans.
  • 2coffers plural

    fondos masculine
    (the) government/national coffers las arcas del estado/de la nación
    • The idea was to finance the empty coffers of the social security system in that way.
    • Very little of this cash has gone into improvements to retirement payouts for workers whose ‘deferred wages’ swelled the coffers of the pension funds.
    • Two years later, more than half the cash remains in the fund's coffers.
    • For more than a year he secretly used cash from the bank's coffers to keep his creditors at bay.
    • He should keep his hands off students' money and public coffers.
    • Later this week the financial coffers of this small circulation but widely read magazine will be swelled by a plaintive advert.
    • Auctions for Internet licenses can drive up the cost and slow investment, even as they provide funds for the government coffers.
    • He was found guilty of funnelling investment funds into his own coffers and spent two years in prison.
    • Is the record price for oil biting into their profits, or does it mean more money for company coffers?
    • It has long been suspected that the cash went straight into the coffers of the Treasury.
    • Households are consolidating debt, domestic demand is slowing and strong export prices are boosting the nation's coffers.
    • The country's golden run of strong economic growth has been kind to federal and state coffers.
    • Newspapers are hardly known for opening up the coffers for promotion, even as they strong-arm their ad clients into doing so.
    • A teacher on a marathon mission to boost the coffers of a charity close to her heart is staging a festive fundraiser for the cause.
    • These levies, paid by all firms, go into a general coffer administered by the state.
    • I can only assume an already poor, disorganized party went dipping into the coffer.
    • The pub is one of a number of buildings being sold by the council to bring money back into its coffers.
    • In January 69,142 infringements were issued, pouring about $10 million into State Government coffers.
    • In recent years, the collection has been in trouble, its fate uncertain, its coffers drained by legal battles and mismanagement.
    • Throughout the Middle Ages prevailing opinion held that the might of a nation was determined by the size of its coffers.