Traducción de cogwheel en Español:


rueda dentada, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkɑɡˌ(h)wil/ /ˈkɒɡwiːl/


  • 1

    rueda dentada femenino
    • Atoms, they contended, could never function as integral parts of cogwheels, gears or motors.
    • The teeth on the train's cogwheels click and grind as you're pulled around dizzying loops and across viaducts.
    • When the car is back together, I'll drive it to Oxford and get him to calibrate it and to provide me with a few extra cogwheels.
    • It consisted of a replica cogwheel with wire rope and was intended to symbolise the technology used in operating the sluices.
    • I found the first relatively sharp instrument I could lay my hands on - a metal cogwheel from my Meccano set, and got to work.
    • Maybe I am partial to this film because of its art design - I am a sucker for big cogwheels and jazz music.
    • Instead of abandoning his bodybuilding dream, he went to a junkyard, got himself some industrial cogwheels and iron bars and somehow tinkered them into a weight set.
    • Nearby stood the remains of her two-cylinder steam engine and brass condenser - lengths of copper pipe, bronze valves, hollow masts and cogwheels littering the seabed.
    • A few cogwheels in Blaise Pascal's seventeenth century calculator perform the entire procedure of addition better and faster than a human mind.
    • This is the film where Chaplin gets sucked into the bowels of a machine, tightening screws as he get squeezed through a series of cogwheels.
    • The cogwheels in Alexa's mind began to turn faster than usual.
    • The machinery in it looked oddly antiquated, as if someone had taken a lot of cogwheels and pistons and piled them together.
    • Allen paused, and she might as well have heard the cogwheels turning.
    • The cogwheels in my brain started churning as I scrubbed my hands under the tap.
    • Destiny was not to be opposed and the cogwheels that were set in motion could not be stopped, not even by him.
    • These are not going to be films with a strong social message about our capitalist society, of which the film industry is an important cogwheel, both financially and ideologically.
    • The big cogwheel rotated exactly once every Roman mile, and at this point a small stone - a calculus - dropped into a box.
    • This shaft also carries the main cogwheel which engages with a rack between the running rails on the section where the steepness of the gradient calls for its use.
    • They drove a jackshaft, which took the power through gearing to the cogwheel, which engaged in the usual way with the rack rail.
    • Positive marital interactions function similar to a gear system in which a cogwheel transmits its movement smoothly to another cogwheel.