Traducción de coherently en español:


coherentemente, adv.

Pronunciación /koʊˈhɪrəntli/ /kəʊˈhɪərəntli/


  • 1

    • She is a small ball of badly coordinated energy that has trouble answering phone calls coherently.
    • He was conscious when tested and was even able to coherently speak to the doctors despite having a high blood-alcohol level.
    • Through intense therapy, I relearned to walk, use my left arm, and speak coherently.
    • Will you start speaking coherently and tell me what happened?
    • He speaks coherently, even though he seems ill at ease.
    • During those hours, he spoke coherently and could understand what was said.
    • My mother has Alzheimer's disease and hasn't spoken coherently for more than two years.
    • He had to be carried to the van and was not talking coherently.
    • He hoped he would be able to coherently say what he was feeling, despite his stutter.
    • He collapsed in an armchair, unable to move or talk coherently for several hours.
    • Filled with inspiring objects coherently displayed in spacious galleries, the new center is an accessible, exemplary model for such buildings.
    • The class hierarchy enables it to coherently integrate related information from different sources at varying levels of detail.
    • Rectangular in plan, but undulating in section, the roof will also help integrate the campus more coherently with its park setting.
    • Compiling need not be a problem, particularly if the information is coherently organized.
    • Perhaps because of the daunting range of objects, he does not clearly succeed in assembling them coherently.
    • I liked the soundtrack, but I didn't think that it worked coherently as a whole.
    • System-wide synchronization ensures that related files are backed up together and coherently.
    • It's a dizzying kaleidoscope of scraps and snippets, some new, some old, interesting in themselves but not coherently coordinated.
    • The system needs focus to ensure that all devices work coherently together to provide the security that justified their cost.
    • He more coherently structures a cultural studies methodology by invoking a multitude of textual examples that build upon and connect to each other.
    • Her life was a blind spot, in that she was unable to see things coherently.
    • The plot seems more of an excuse for actors to chew on their roles than for a coherently presented story.
    • Sources in the department admitted they had not reacted coherently to the clamor for action.
    • People in the red states who can think coherently are going to migrate to the blue states.
    • The situation cannot be brought coherently to conclusion.
    • The interviews are coherently introduced in the fabric of the book.
    • In 1435, he codified the depiction of the ideal human form in narrative representations, coherently presented, and designed to encourage high standards of behavior.
    • It's the job of the development czar to see that all this can be explained coherently.
    • He demonstrates quite coherently and cogently that genuine lyric poetry is as inventive and individual as it ever was.
    • I was at my wit's end and could not think coherently.