Traducción de coincident en español:


coincidente, adj.

Pronunciación /koʊˈɪnsədənt/ /koʊˈɪnsəˌdɛnt/ /kəʊˈɪnsɪd(ə)nt/

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  • 1

    (occurring together)
    (events/areas) coincidente
    • It thereby participates in a larger cultural project coincident with the emergence of capitalism that prefers time to space and history to geography, as ways of valuing life and making it meaningful.
    • Since the focus here is on the general character of the annual cycle, it is not necessary to use ozone data coincident in time and space with the ground-based sensors.
    • This historical moment for the family is coincident with America's historical achievement in space.
    • In part, it is this legacy that drew artists to explore use of slide technology in the 1960s and '70s, coincident with a general rise in photography's presence in contemporary art.
    • The protections of property are not merely coincident with American freedom; as Milton Friedman has pointed out, one makes the other possible.
    • The announcement came coincident with the deer hunting season and about 450,000 deer licenses have been issued in Ohio.
    • The series began in 2000, two years after the completion of John Miller's gallery refurbishment, and coincident with the Serpentine's 30th anniversary.
    • The apparent paradox of soaring bankruptcies coincident with extraordinarily low unemployment and strong income growth has puzzled researchers and spurred Congress to consider legislative remedies.
    • It is now widely recognized that the Late Ordovician mass extinction was both coincident with and causally linked to an event of continental glaciation centered in the North African and South American regions of Gondwana.
    • While this undoubtedly has played a role in the Vice President's recent reversal of fortune, we feel that it is more than mere coincidence that his declining poll numbers have been coincident with the sharp fall in the NASDAQ.
    • It's possible that the explosive impact created by a comet collision triggers increased volcanism; there is evidence in India and Siberia of massive lava flows coincident with other extinction events.
    • Dave Naftz, a research hydrologist with the USGS noted that Farmington Bay showed an increase in total PAH concentrations coincident with the increase in population in Salt Lake Valley.
    • Hunt showed that redstart abundance was positively correlated with amount of early successional habitat and that their decline in recent decades in New England was coincident with forest maturation in the region.
    • Genes in clusters 4-8 showed a dramatic and continual increase in expression coincident with the onset of meiosis or later.
    • It was found that the majority of silencing occurred following DNA replication, coincident with M phase.
    • That's where the California Public Utilities Commission comes in - almost coincident with the 25th anniversary of the partial meltdown of the Three Mile Island plant.
    • Fowden and colleagues described that the cortisol surge toward late gestation in sheep was coincident with the slowing down of growth, reflected by a decrease in the increment of crown-rump length growth.
    • By contrast to the initial ROS burst, these subsequent bursts were coincident with increases in oxidase protein components, particularly gp 91 phox.
    • These shear zones are thought to be broadly contemporaneous with the emplacement of the Leinster Granite and, like the Courtown Shear Zone, are often spatially coincident with belts of quartz veining and higher metamorphic grade.
    • Finally, the culturally mediated selection process changed through time, coincident with changes in social organization that characterized the late Mississippian period.
  • 2

    (in agreement)
    (views/ideas) coincidente
    to be coincident with sth coincidir con algo
    • And again, the search for community college peer institution selection systems discovered methodologies consistent and coincident with the Brinkman and Teeter typology.
    • Many witnesses speak of good inter-communal relations, of friendships across ethnic and coincident religious divides, of intermarriages and of generally harmonious relations.
    • Philosophers of global justice disagree about how these relationships should be understood, and particularly, whether it is right to regard them as coincident with membership in domestic society.
    • For both, the Good is precisely not coincident with populist feeling; ‘democratic consensus’ cannot make fundamental ethical principles invalid.
    • The neo-conservative defence of the war has not disagreed; it has simply maintained that American interests are coincident with the best interests of humanity.
    • The aim must be to act in such a way as to reduce the gap and to make the actual ever more coincident with the ideal.
    • Such security consideration of the United States is coincident with that of Japan.
    • Although no direct markers of oxidant/antioxidant status or inflammation were measured in the patient described, the observed clinical effect is coincident with augmented GSH levels.
    • To the contrary, the timing of the highest nutrient requirement period of the winter calving cow was more coincident with the period when forage quality was highest (late spring to early summer).
    • The first descriptions of the nexin links are coincident with the earliest electron microscope studies of flagellar structure.
    • After invasion, at 48 hours postinfection, we observed a reduction in the numbers of ysaV transcripts, coincident with the establishment of the intracellular stage of infection.
    • The expanded literature search was very coincident with the initial search, providing most of the same reasons, purposes, and impetuses for developing peer institution selection systems.