Traducción de coincidental en español:


casual, adj.

Pronunciación /koʊˌɪnsəˈdɛn(t)l/ /kəʊɪnsɪˈdɛnt(ə)l/

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    • It was coincidental that they happened to share the same Dublin street address.
    • Last night Timothy Lipscomb, vicar of Armley, said it seemed coincidental that the fire had happened so soon after the terror attacks.
    • IT may be coincidental that fat and fatal lie side by side in the dictionary but judging by UK obesity statistics their position seems pertinent.
    • Is this, in your judgment, purely coincidental that so many reporters suddenly are facing the prospect of jail?
    • And isn't it strangely coincidental that Scotland Yard were involved in all this, at this particular time?
    • I mean, it's not coincidental that some of the main culprits in this thing had very little or no college experience.
    • And I don't think it was just coincidental that it's a lot cheaper to just cover local news.
    • And is it really coincidental that the US wants to introduce biometric border controls in a similar time frame?
    • However, it is not coincidental that the issue exploded onto the mainstream agenda briefly in 1995.
    • It may have been coincidental that at the time the administration's lead in the opinion polls was comfortable.
    • It was probably coincidental that the game went off the boil with Ryan's departure.
    • It cannot be entirely coincidental that several of these performances went on to win the Oscar.
    • It's purely coincidental that most of the people I know are from the same background.
    • But it was purely coincidental that Kitty had been in the garage before it happened.
    • It is not coincidental that such plans offer few, if any, details about how the market for their services will grow.
    • But he says it is purely coincidental that he ended up as a farmer of coffee.
    • It is probably not coincidental that those environmental conditions appear to be on the rise in our time.
    • It is not coincidental that tighter censorship is being introduced amidst a wave of severe cuts to social services.
    • Any other use of real names is accidental and coincidental.
    • Read's simultaneous resignation is coincidental, says Fischbach.
    • A further possible explanation was that the simultaneous onset of the two disorders was coincidental.