Translation of coitus in Spanish:


coito, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkoʊədəs/ /ˈkɔɪdəs/ /ˈkəʊɪtəs/

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    coito masculine formal
    • When interpreting the available data he speculates that many people in the U.S. engage in extramarital coitus despite their belief that this behavior is not morally acceptable.
    • Only 6.4% of the coitally experienced male adolescents reported that they had ever used a condom for coitus.
    • In fact, initiation and frequency of coitus are often the only aspects of sexual behavior that are measured.
    • Painful intercourse has been found to reduce frequency of coitus in a large community-based sample of menopausal women.
    • Because no positive relationship has been shown to exist between estrogen levels and sexual activity, coitus is not hypothesized to restore or maintain estrogen in postmenopausal women.
    • Being engaged is no longer a necessary condition for premarital coitus, and sexual activity has become a common aspect of adolescent relationships.
    • Although a natural sexual act, coitus is culturally regulated by legislation, custom, and religious belief.
    • Results regarding the relationship between age at first coitus and later outcomes, although statistically significant, were inconsistent with the abstinence-only agenda.
    • In recent decades at least, virginity loss has by and large been defined with reference to physiological rather than to moral criteria, and has been specifically equated with first coitus.
    • The male students who had coitus, who had smoked, who had used alcohol, and who had a steady date reported greater numbers of their friends who might have visited prostitutes than the others.
    • Although having first coitus in a noncommitted relationship or at a young age had a negative effect on how both males and females were evaluated, the negative effect was greater for females.
    • Vice versa, in all three surveys plump women had not had intercourse as recently as lean women, while there was no connection between recent coitus and BMI among men.
    • Women's health advocates have argued for a long-acting hormonal method that is under the control of women, does not require daily attention, and is not coitus related.
    • There were no gender differences in the proportions of the students who have had a steady date, but significant gender differences in the proportions of the students who had coitus.