Translation of cold in Spanish:


frío, adj.

Pronunciation /koʊld/ /kəʊld/

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  • 1

    (water/weather/drink) frío
    I'm cold tengo frío
    • my feet are cold tengo los pies fríos
    • it's cold today/in here hoy/aquí hace frío
    • the soup is cold la sopa está fría
    • I'm getting cold me está entrando frío
    • it's getting cold está empezando a hacer frío
    • your dinner's getting cold se te está enfriando la comida
    • the water has gone cold el agua se ha enfriado
    • the engine starts straight from cold without fail el motor arranca en frío sin fallar
    • the trail had gone cold se habían borrado las huellas
    • the news was already cold la noticia ya estaba pasada / añeja
    • no, you're still cold, getting colder no, frío, más frío
    • When we are cold and uncomfortable, we tend to lose focus on the task at hand.
    • As the flights lasted up to eighteen hours disembarking passengers were invariably cold and uncomfortable.
    • Rising gas prices are going to mean hungry and cold people all winter long.
    • It has to be done at the time, whatever the conditions and however tired, wet and cold people may be.
    • The author can bear witness as to how uncomfortable it can be once you are cold to the core and well off the shore in a stiffer wind than was expected.
    • It was sunbathing weather in Catania, but now we are cold, even in sweaters and jackets.
    • He misinterpreted that to mean she was still cold, and gently began to rub her bare arms with the palms of his hands.
    • They'd rip the shirts off of their back for you if you were cold.
    • I was really cold and wet by the time we got to the cafe.
    • She simply could not fathom that the heat in the entire building would not be turned back on just because she was cold.
    • We all slept together in the bed because we were so cold.
    • And then I was really cold and I couldn't get up to make a hot-water bottle in case there was a scary thing in my kitchen.
    • When they finally got there, John was very cold so Jamie built a fire for him.
    • The finest tackle in the world won't catch you fish if you are so cold and miserable that concentration has dropped as low as the temperature.
    • For the first time in months I was cold, the gentle caress of the breeze put a smile on my face for the first time in days.
    • Despite layers of thermal underwear and polar fleeces under my oilskins, I am so cold that I have lost all feeling in my right hand.
    • At first the horse, called Beattie, could not walk because she was so cold, but after being wrapped in blankets she recovered.
    • Her mother wore the jacket at her wedding - she was probably cold since it was October and she had just arrived from South Africa.
    • I am very cold and tired and just wanted you guys to know I'm still alive.
    • I quickly ran to him and wished him happy birthday and he in return hugged me and told me to sit in the blanket because I was very cold.
    • Soft drinks and hot and cold food will also be available.
    • Cream teas, ice creams and cold drinks will be served throughout the afternoon.
    • Tea is almost always consumed hot, as people in Kazakhstan think that drinking cold beverages will make one sick.
    • We used the response of many a Bulgarian to this comment, telling him that it is good for his skin to drink cold coffee.
    • Then in the evening we strolled over Tower Bridge and drank cold beers by the river at Butlers' Wharf.
    • Melvin waved hello to her, as he sat at the table with Bill, eating cold pizza and drinking flat soda.
    • I've got a presentation to prepare and a sitting-room full of cold curry and empty drink cans.
    • I drank some more cold tea and goosebumps erupted all over my bare arms.
    • After the roast dinner on Sunday cold meat was served on Monday with mashed potato and vegetables.
    • Demand for cold convenience foods and drinks were hit by the wet conditions later in the month.
    • Shortly after his release from captivity, he contemplates his pique at being served cold soup.
    • Wherever possible, ask that hot food is served piping hot and ensure that cold food has been kept cool.
    • There is a display cabinet with wrapped sandwiches, salads (mackerel or ham) and cold puddings.
    • A superb buffet was then served with a selection of cold food and good Lancashire hot-pot.
    • For a refreshing cold drink during summer boil half a cup of grated ginger and one cup of sugar in two cups of water.
    • The second rule is only to serve cold soups when it is hot outside, so the first sip does not induce hypothermia.
    • Fears about smells and litter mean the only cafe on the beach would be limited to ice cream and cold food.
    • Serve with crusty buns topped with any cold meat you may have on hand.
    • You can choose all kinds of salads, hot and cold dishes and fruits, cakes and ice creams.
    • Less well known is ocrochka, a cold soup made of potatoes, egg, ham, green onion, dill and cucumber in a milky base.
    • The water was warm, almost scalding compared to the cold shock of the temperature that one day.
    • Christmas eve, there is a cold wind, the temperatures in the desert dip below freezing.
    • The problem has been made worse by standing flood water, freezing temperatures and a cold wind.
    • Wind, snow, rain, and cold temperatures are all factors that can steal your body heat.
    • The wind outside was cold and wet, while the sky threatened to dump it's contents at any moment.
    • In cold climates the body achieves its constant temperature by a combination of heat production and heat conservation.
    • It clots very easily when the body's repeatedly exposed to cold temperatures.
    • Direct exposure to the cold air makes the body temperature drop too fast to adjust to the sharp difference.
    • No surprise there, given that it's cold outside and everybody needs a little human friction to get by.
    • I'm begging someone, anyone pinch me, shake me, pour a bucket of cold water on my body.
    • At the same time, autumn is the right season to undertake exercises to build up one's body for the coming cold winter.
    • It's a cold climate with temperatures in the 20s in the winter and in the 50s in the summer.
    • Within weeks of the murder inquiry being launched, it emerged that her killer might have stored her body somewhere cold.
    • Not a minute too soon either as the air temperature is very cold.
    • There is a risk of very windy conditions but overall it will not be too cold with temperatures around normal.
    • Salmon marine survival rates are known to be very poor in winters of particularly cold sea temperatures.
    • It will be very cold by night with temperatures not expected to exceed two degrees.
    • This article refers to the differences that might occur on a cold winter's morning compared to a warm summer evening.
    • After a bunch of cold days the temperatures shot up in the mid 40s and started melting things.
    • The cold air hit her body with the force of a stone wall.
  • 2

    • 2.1(unfriendly, unenthusiastic)

      (person/stare/color) frío
      to be cold to sb tratar a algn con frialdad
      estar/ser frío con algn
      to be cold with sb tratar a algn con frialdad
      estar/ser frío con algn
      I got a very cold reception me recibieron con mucha frialdad / muy fríamente
      • Did you know that as well as being cold and unemotional, we are also polite, traditional and reserved?
      • Despite her terrible physical condition at the moment, the tone was so unemotionally cold.
      • While being a rather cold and calculating man on the whole, Maddock had a soft spot for children.
      • He was taken away from his mother by Mimi and brought up in a cold, austere home with little affection or comfort.
      • She could see cold calculation in his eyes, not love or affection or concern.
      • People falsely assume that being dispassionate means being cold or indifferent.
      • Maclean has always been a maverick, described more than once as cold and unfeeling.
      • It may sound a cold and calculating approach to a sale and I suppose it is, in a way.
      • She checked on the students regularly, always in her same formal cold manner.
      • At dinner, Kestril was cold and withdrawn, as if he faced a trial the next day.
      • It is intoxicating, a potentially cold and academic work warmed by the power and skill of the actors, notably Valk.
      • Some people take this to mean that she's cold and hard but I know better.
      • She realized that he had warmed up to her a little in the past four hours, but at the beginning he was cold and hard to reach.
      • Even when she got them to talk to her, she had found that they were cold and harsh.
      • Anyway, the charm was meant to bring true happiness and I'm sure a gloomy cold person like Ian would need some of that.
      • Does she think we are cold, mean people because we practice Western-based medicine?
      • People may say we are cold, but what is wrong with being less demonstrative?
      • Now I realized that it was his cold anger that I feared, and not his quick temper.
      • Neither was there a hint of fear in Izumi's cold gray eyes, nor was there a gleam in Tenshi's.
      • If you don't love this yarn there is a cold dead place where your heart should be and I pity you.
      • Some people think blue is a cold colour, but it doesn't have to be.
      • As for the cold colour palette, a pink blouse matched with a grey knee-length skirt will show your authority.
      • Grey is the cold neutral colour; many languages identify it with blue or green.
      • I recognized the pale blond hair and cold blue eyes as those of Ashton James.
      • Super-important sci-fi movies always show the future as slate gray and cold blue.
      • Sara's ears had already begun to point and her eyes were glowing a cold blue.
      • His eyes were a cold shade of blue, something that made you want to pull your jacket tighter to yourself.
      • His eyes opened, revealing cold blue orbs, sparkling with an inner light.
      • The stranger turns around and offers me a hand up, cold blue eyes meeting mine.
      • The snow seemed amazingly white against the cold grey of an Ontario winter sky.
      • Her black hair, tall frame and dark, cold blue eyes, and everything clicked.
      • His face was flawless, oddly familiar but never the less flawless, his eyes a clear, if not cold, blue.
      • His eyes were a dark, cold blue, but it didn't seem to darken his appearance at all.
      • The only notable difference was the fact that this girl had hazel eyes while the inquisitor girl had cold blue.
      • In fact the only thing he knew for certain at this point was that the floor was grey, and a cold grey at that.
      • They seemed to almost cloud over before the whites of his eyes flashed a cold blue.
      • They were an icy blue, a blue so cold and intense that Erin was certain that he could see through her.
      • King Sila was a hard, stern man with cold blue eyes and dark hair, flecked with grey.
      • A few seconds later, the light died and they saw Mark standing still, his eyes blazed a cold blue.
      • Moments later the craft was in the air and the planet below them was shining with streaks of bright red and cold blue.
      • I would much rather that than the cold impersonality we had going on right now.
      • London's image to many is cold, wealthy and impersonal, but its real history is of revolt and subversion.
      • Thus, when one side was bathed in light and warmth, the other would be a cold, dismal place shrouded in darkness.
      • It's a cold and clinical design that has none of the warmth and charm of its predecessor.
      • Suddenly the room felt like a hospital room again, cold, silent and impersonal.
      • Joel Shapiro is best known for humanizing the cold, impersonal forms of Minimalism.
      • He then walks out of the antiseptic and cold room, closing the door behind him.
      • Balthazar said, motioning for them to follow him through the cold, sterile airport.
      • The old resorts are seen as melancholy places where the skies are perpetually cloudy and the beaches cold and windswept.

    • 2.2(impersonal)

      (logic) frío
      keeping to the cold facts … ateniéndose únicamente a los hechos …
      • Their victory had been a triumph of cold logic over raw emotion.
      • Spare a thought for the machinations of the global economy and the cold statistics we hear and read so much.
      • Statistics can be used to say anything, but always appear relentless and objective and cold.
      • On the one hand it was extorted by the terrible price of the Warsaw Uprising, while on the other by a cold look at the horrors of war.
      • On one hand, the seekers must be cold, impersonal, testing each theory mercilessly.
      • What you need is a dose of cold reality, followed by a couple of weeks living on an inner city council estate.

  • 3

    • It seems that one time a golf ball struck by Mr Hastings landed straight on some unfortunate man's head, knocking him out cold for a few minutes.
    • Fortunately, Rooibush tea has an extreme effect on me, and can knock me out cold within 20 minutes.
    • It was enough to send us into happiness, and to knock Spurs out cold.
    • My votes will go to the candidates that can intellectually knock the others out cold.
    • I must have been knocked out cold because I didn't even hear Anna talking to Blair when he came by.
    • The painkillers had knocked her out cold and she lay in a deep, unbroken sleep.
    • That gave him the opportunity to tackle Anthony down again, knocking him out cold.
    • The poor sap never even knew what hit him, since the blow knocked him out cold.
    • The man threw up an arm to ward him off, but Quin swept it aside and knocked him out cold with a single blow.
    • I had to wait for the right moment to use a move I was sure would knock him out cold.
    • However, the book knocked the assassin out cold so all they had to do was tie the man up and cart him off.
    • Usually this would have knocked a normal man out cold, but Paul was obviously not normal.
    • Four with respiratory diseases were on the same examination table, out cold from anesthesia.
    • She came back a while ago, and now she's asleep, only I can't tell if she's asleep or out cold.
    • They discovered their mum was out cold and unable to respond.
    • Really, she'll be out cold for at least another couple of hours.
    • He slides down the wood beam, out cold but still juddering.
    • The only solution to that problem would be setting it back in place, and luckily, the boy was still out cold.
    • Molly is still out cold, but her brother is already awake and very talkative.
    • Then they turned to see that David was still out cold but the other two were looking confused as to where they were.
  • 4

    (without preparation)
    sin ninguna preparación
    I came to the job cold empecé el trabajo sin ninguna preparación
    • I was expected to start from cold esperaban que empezara sin ninguna preparación
    • When he's warmed up at the start of a game instead of coming in cold off the bench, he is in less danger of injury.
    • But it's still notable he was able to step in cold and run the offense so efficiently.
    • Manufacturers had difficulty ramping up to meet the Army's needs from a cold industrial base.


  • 1

    (low temperature)
    frío masculine
    to shiver with cold temblar de frío
    • these plants have suffered in the cold estas plantas han sufrido con el frío
    • you shouldn't go out in the cold no deberías salir con el frío que hace
    • come in out of the cold entra, que hace frío
    • to feel the cold ser friolento
    • But now they could die of starvation or cold as temperatures drop to freezing at night.
    • The cold of the autumn rain made her very bones ache; worry for her brother grew into real fear.
    • Weather is usually seasonal varying from extreme cold to temperate.
    • The cold in our bones couldn't thaw until the sun climbed over the peaks.
    • Bulbs have evolved to survive in harsh climates, to withstand winter cold, or summer drought, or both.
    • Lucas said that he particularly likes the Tasmanian weather, especially the rain and the cold.
    • The cold against my hot skin felt nice until I looked up into the mirror and saw someone that was not myself.
    • The cold of winter dominated their life there as they had over 150 inches of snow in each of those winters.
    • The cold of night is sharpened by the disappearance of the surface winds.
    • The cold may make football difficult to cover but other sports have their own problems.
    • The cold of the water was a shock, but it wore off quickly when he swam around a bit.
    • A higher proportion of the population die from the cold in winter in Britain than in icy Finland or Russia.
    • These roses can often grow back from their roots if their tops die from winter cold.
    • This evening neither one of them was in the least inclined to brave the cold.
    • Approaching the cub, Erik could see that it was shivering violently from the cold and from fear of him.
    • I walked back to the bedroom, shivering, partly because of the cold but mostly, fear.
    • The onset of October brought about new fears of cold, of hunger and of no return.
    • Here she faced unimaginable cold, wild animals, near-starvation and avalanches.
    • Rescue officials were on high alert yesterday, with the cold quickly turning fresh snow into sheets of ice.
    • This cold is deadly, and if we try to seek shelter in the wild tonight, I doubt if we will survive.
  • 2

    resfriado masculine
    catarro masculine
    constipado masculine Spain
    resfrío masculine Southern Cone
    to have a cold estar resfriado
    • I've got a chest cold tengo el pecho congestionado / cargado
    • I've got a head cold estoy resfriado
    • to catch a cold resfriarse
    • to give sb one's cold contagiarle el resfriado a algn
    • Many everyday illnesses like colds and sore throats can be easily treated at home without visiting a doctor.
    • Most coughs and sore throats and all colds are viral infections.
    • Minor illnesses such as colds and flu were the most common cause of sickness absence but most employers said stress was on the increase.
    • Dutch research published last year showed that cutting back on food helps the body fight viral infections such as colds and flu.
    • People with high levels of stress are also more prone to develop colds and other minor illnesses.
    • And if workers have colds or sore throats, they should also be excused from phone work so as not to damage their voices.
    • Both colds and flu start with a runny nose, tickly throat, fever and aches.
    • You can reduce your risk of chronic sinusitis by carefully treating allergies and colds.
    • It seems to boost the immune system, lower the frequency of colds and other infections.
    • Chinese medicine offers a variety of treatments for colds and chest infections.
    • Of course, you don't have to be in a high-risk category to be struck by colds or the flu.
    • Typically influenza is characterized by high fever while colds are without fever.
    • The viruses that cause acute bronchitis are the same ones that often cause colds.
    • Common colds spread through nasal droplets being inhaled and by hand to face contact.
    • Well, colds generally last a week, while allergies can last an entire season or longer.
    • I was on the fag end of an extended cold, unshaven, lacking decent sleep and possibly a little dehydrated.
    • Edward was suffering from a cold, but you would never guess his discomfort.
    • If she gets a cold she coughs for two days and it stops after this whether we give her medicine or not.
    • My cold seemed to be a bit worse that day, but as tired as I was, I had a really tough time sleeping that night.
    • Three-times major winner Ernie Els, who has been fighting a cold all week, was level for the day and for the tournament with one hole to play.


  • 1

    to refuse sb cold rechazar a algn de plano
    • he turned me down cold me dijo que no de plano
    • to stop cold pararse en seco
    • I've got the part down cold now me sé el papel perfectamente ahora
    • There are blog sites and there are blog sites, but for us it seems that the Blast stopped the Comments cold.
    • Trent stopped cold and very slowly turned around, his eyes throwing flames at David.
    • The mud gets so thick and sticky that the clumps in my V-brakes stop my wheels cold.
    • When Dallas took away Barber in the second half last Sunday, the offense was stopped cold.