Translation of cold storage in Spanish:

cold storage

almacenamiento en cámaras frigoríficas, n.


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    almacenamiento en cámaras frigoríficas masculine
    let's put the project into cold storage until we have more funds dejemos el proyecto en barbecho hasta que tengamos más fondos
    • Many hopes were raised in earlier times when the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee launched his historic initiative in 2003, later it also flopped and was put into cold storage.
    • Fortunately, at least one of the ads - the ‘India Shining’ series - has been put into cold storage on a directive by the Election Commission.
    • After leaving college in 1989, Elaine put her artistic pursuits into cold storage for 15 years, instead focusing on a career in graphic design and on motherhood.
    • But sadly, the plan has gone into cold storage due to the intervention of the encroachment mafia, which did not find the proposal suitable to its designs.
    • And by linking the British rebate to agricultural spending reform, London has effectively put the EU budget issue into cold storage.
    • Your party also consequently appears to have put into cold storage its commitment to anti-gay discrimination.
    • As a result of this double whammy, the transfer market has, largely, gone into cold storage.
    • In each of these cases, the evidence that eventually surfaced raised very disturbing questions and so was immediately put into cold storage.
    • Over in Brussels, Microsoft is hoping to put the March remedies into cold storage for five years, which is how long it will take for the appeals process to work its way through the bureaucracy.
    • But, as I say, they did not encourage him and the project was put into cold storage.
    • Thereafter the London Government has to choose between calling fresh elections or putting the North's devolved government and parliament into cold storage for a period.
    • The lawyers will have a splendid time working out causality and definition, and after a couple of high profile court actions the whole thing will go into cold storage like most government crime measures.
    • The film city project was in cold storage for a long time, till the techno-savvy director-producer, S.V. Rajendra Singh Babu floated the idea of developing the film city in Mysore in an area of 200 acres of land.
    • I suspect much the same has happened with the Permanent Resident Bill 2004, which has now been put in cold storage.
    • Will somebody please tell him that, there is no assembly, no executive and the all-Ireland institutions and North / South ministerial council are in cold storage.
    • But its recommendations remained in cold storage.
    • But what has come as a shock to him is that the Ministry has been sitting over the decision to publish the material and the entire matter appears to have been put in cold storage.
    • That, in turn, would place the peace process in cold storage.
    • Such plans now lie in cold storage, and have possibly gone into reverse.