Translation of coldly in Spanish:


con frialdad, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈkoʊl(d)li/ /ˈkəʊldli/


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    con frialdad
    • But where I draw the line on this is when marriage begins to be looked at as coldly as a business merger.
    • They said hi back, but coldly and with a smile that seemed unfriendly and strange.
    • Governments make calculations all the time, quite coldly and quite clinically.
    • The reception was coldly polite and I put the phone down thinking the message had arrived but no-one was home to hear it.
    • Those who had coldly sat and analysed the situation knew that would always be the case but rarely have so many wanted to be proved so wrong.
    • One minute he's smiling and making jokes, then the next he's snarling coldly at someone.
    • A girl told today how a driver knocked her down and then stared coldly into her eyes as she lay on a pelican crossing.
    • After all, as the Home Office coldly points out, the law must be enforced.
    • He also offered two of his men to guard the hospital from now on but the doctor coldly said it was unnecessary.
    • I am talking about people who coldly kill people in a calculating fashion.
    • The stadium lights glare down coldly as you inhale a deep breath of cold, crisp air.
    • The woman stares coldly at my mum as if she were crazy to even ask such a thing.
    • Terrence just glared coldly at Damien before turning swiftly on his heel and leaving.
    • Martin was sharpening up now; paying attention to every inflexion in that coldly condescending voice.
    • But a play that seemed mildly provocative on a first viewing now looks as coldly manipulative as its heroine.
    • Patrick stared at her coldly for a minute then continued up towards the main control room.
    • This is no coldly efficient war machine, but an army of civilians.
    • She came face to face with a tall man with black eyes staring down at her coldly.
    • His coldly rational attitude to sex as a harmless pastime alienates his son and threatens to tear his research team apart.
    • Will the mysterious and coldly menacing Cowboy carry out his threats?