Translation of collaborator in Spanish:


colaborador, n.

Pronunciation /kəˈlæbəˌreɪdər/ /kəˈlabəreɪtə/


  • 1

    colaborador masculine
    colaboradora feminine
    • Instead many were executed by a select group of seven to ten workshop collaborators.
    • Yet he prefers the company of women, many of whom have become his long-term collaborators.
    • The sanctity of our collaborators rubs off on us.
    • Loach's social-realist drama, written by his longtime collaborator Paul Laverty, is a distinctive, piercingly serious vision.
    • Schleiermacher was Humboldt's chief collaborator in making the university a reality.
    • His collaborator, the Rev. John Sanders, was an Indian clergyman in Bishop Horden's diocese.
    • Regardless, I look foward to more from these collaborators.
    • Moreover, such training can provide a solid base that scientists can use to understand their collaborators' points.
    • That said, I agree with Tom, who wishes Stan would be more aggressive in acknowledging his collaborators.
    • Up to this point in his career, the only heavy games Kramer had designed had been with collaborators.
    • Bottom of the Hudson is mostly the work of one man, Eli Simon, with assistance from regular collaborators.
    • Along with my collaborators, I have experimentally investigated that cost in bumblebees.
    • The stove itself was designed by John Hardman, another of Pugin's frequent collaborators.
    • Any co-produced by Chinese and foreign collaborators will need official approval.
    • His son Cornelis was a close follower and collaborator.
    • Their extensive network of facilities, efficient administration and commitment to serving the poor, he thought, would make them ideal collaborators.
    • They are indeed looking for leadership, but on the more intimate, democratic level of equals - as partners and collaborators.
    • Writing in relative isolation, one collaborator would often not know exactly what the other was doing.
    • Cuttance and his collaborators offer nothing of significance to either advocates or critics of constructivism.
    • Cunningham's troupe is silhouetted, at right below, in a 1964 poster by artist Robert Rauschenberg, one of the choreographer's longtime collaborators.
  • 2

    (with enemy)
    colaboracionista masculine, feminine
    • The fascists had threatened to "try" him for being a collaborator with left-wing guerrillas.
    • The French state was ordered to reimburse the Nazi collaborator with court costs amounting to 30,000 euros.
    • Along with the Soviet units bearing down on Warsaw were Polish collaborators eager to set up a leftist government.
    • He knows what happens to collaborators caught in the act.
    • It also called for strong punishment of secret collaborators with the communist regime.
    • Roh has said those whose ancestors were collaborators wouldn't face punishment or have any rights restricted.
    • Every day, the enemy takes more hostages, assassinates developing Iraqi leaders and savagely beats suspected collaborators.
    • It hardly seems credible that he is a secret collaborator of Al Qaeda.
    • The collaborators can be as treacherous and deceitful as any of the collaborators in Europe under the Nazi jackboot.
    • The visitors were suspected war criminals and Nazi collaborators which the Soviets wanted to prosecute for war crimes.
    • After the execution of Darazi and his collaborators, Hamza continued his preaching activities for two more years.
    • The return of Soviet forces in 1944-5 produced a third wave of terror, with the Stalinist security organs conducting vast purges of collaborators, real or imagined.
    • These civilians went out in the night to bomb German trains, kill German soldiers and execute collaborators.
    • Abed Rajoub is a Palestinian from Hebron who was also a collaborator.
    • The family was harbored for two years by Dutch resisters before finally being betrayed by Dutch collaborators.
    • Yesterday's shooting of the three suspected collaborators appeared to be revenge for Zalloum's death.
    • They are rounding up invasion forces and their collaborators in their military camps preventing them from putting their nose outside or moving around, and continue to inflict them terrifying losses.
    • She was probably betrayed by a Dutch collaborator.