Translation of colleague in Spanish:


colega, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɑliɡ/ /ˈkɒliːɡ/

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  • 1

    colega masculine, feminine
    compañero (de trabajo) masculine
    compañera (de trabajo) feminine
    one of his medical/legal colleagues un colega / compañero suyo médico/abogado
    • Spent part of today writing a couple of spoof company memos for a select group of colleagues.
    • I have a dear friend who is being unfairly targeted by colleagues he used to be in business with.
    • The trip will only go ahead if Salmond and his amateur colleagues can negotiate time off work.
    • Local councils have set up support and advice centres to help colleagues making new bids.
    • On the subject of his holiday, many Labour colleagues agree he should make redress.
    • He is said by colleagues to be a hard taskmaster who does not tolerate failure.
    • That is a very interesting question which colleagues would no doubt wish to debate first.
    • We are with him through the deaths of colleagues and family, including his father.
    • Yesterday felt really weird and nasty as I found out that two of my colleagues had been laid off.
    • Once inside, he began to deliver a lecture about how lazy he and my work colleagues think I am.
    • He would require the support of Labour Party colleagues on Hull City Council to do so.
    • Her work colleagues have described her as the person who puts a smile on everyone's face.
    • Police colleagues in Bedale already have a joint base with the local fire brigade.
    • After his death former colleagues described him as a decent man who was devoted to his family.
    • The best his Labour colleagues have managed in his support is to defend his right to air his views.
    • The head teacher and his or her senior colleagues will be a visible presence round the school.
    • I just want to move on with one more issue before I invite my colleagues to come in.
    • While doing his day job, he observed the way in which he and his colleagues actually worked.
    • We are also working closely with our colleagues in primary care and public health.
    • Despite the best efforts of his colleagues and emergency services he died at the scene.