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recopilación, n.

Pronunciación /kəˈlɛkʃ(ə)n/

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    • 1.1

      (of evidence) recopilación femenino
      (of rent, debts) cobro masculino
      (of taxes) recaudación femenino
      a debt collection agency una agencia de cobro a morosos
      • The Orkney Vintage Club's Orkney Cavalcade 2005 saw a collection of old vehicles drive around the West Mainland.
      • Poland has a healthy collection of death metal bands, including Vader and Behemoth.
      • Youngsters made a beeline for a table bearing a colourful collection of party hats, masks and whistles.
      • But at the head of their party are a collection of MPs who are recreating the worst of the old factional politics.
      • His role is crucial since trade is one of the few areas where the EU acts as a single body rather than a collection of nation states.
      • Early in the history of the universe, one particular pool of gas and dust had begun to spin itself into the collection of bodies that we call the solar system.
      • Rothenstein has assembled a great collection of musical visuals, drawings, paintings, sheet music covers and synaesthetic visions.
      • He came within inches of a hat-trick and saving his side from defeat at the hands of the greatest collection of footballers ever assembled on one team.
      • In various ways, the interviewees identified a collection of forces driving the digital divide.
      • United Future is not so much a party as a collection of individuals.
      • He presides over one of the weirdest collection of performers ever assembled since the days of the Victorian freak show.
      • Lovers of the instrument should be in for a treat when a collection of players will gather for a good jamming session.
      • Finally, we gathered together a collection of sexy women who are all over 50 and who don't look the half of it.
      • The remaining seats are held by a collection of small parties and independents.
      • What the national police did was to assemble a collection of men from different units.
      • Instead, many are finding holistic panaceas and a philosophy which views the patient as a whole body rather than as a disease or a collection of symptoms more beneficial.
      • The author has gathered a thought-provoking collection of games that fly in the face of conventional chess wisdom.
      • Lynn gathers a collection of stapled pages together in her arms.
      • Warner Home Video has assembled a respectable collection of special features for this Special Edition.
      • To get you thinking about words and language, I've assembled a collection of tips and observations.
      • First, a call from the salesman to tell me the car had arrived and was in process of being ‘made ready’ for collection on Thursday.
      • Household waste presented for collection in refuse sacks or cardboard boxes will not be collected by Council staff.
      • Then, it must be left ready for collection by a designated collector.
      • Establish the process for collection of the minimum data set in each province
      • Best practice recommends that all refuse left out for collection should be protected by a hard container, with a fitted lid firmly closed.
      • The club tracksuits were distributed on Saturday week last and are available for collection for those who did not yet collect their order.
      • Its only when one collects a weeks daily papers together to put out for collection that one realises just how much paper and weight is involved.
      • A watch was found on the main street and is available for collection to the owner at Doyleoes flower shop on the main street.
      • But the council has warned that households who have not had their bins emptied because of the weather will have to wait another seven days for collection.
      • We hope you will co-operate with us in filling in your voting forms and having them ready for collection when our representative returns.
      • A date and location for collection will be announced later.
      • All business people are asked to have the questionnaire completed and ready for collection on Friday next, April 11.
      • ‘The car's ready for collection, sir,’ he said slightly wearily as if that is where we left it yesterday.
      • We bought a cylindrical planter for collection later.
      • So, dotted all around the town were the ordinary, yellow waste bags as well as the usual wheelie bins, waiting for collection.
      • When I had approached a private refuse operator I was told that I would have to bring my rubbish a mile up the road for collection.
      • The collection, transportation and disposal of garbage have always been a headache for the local authorities.
      • Despite regular garbage collection, the disposal becomes a nagging pain for Corporation.
      • Refuse collection is an essential public service and cannot be left to the commercial whim of private contractors.
      • There will also be a refuse collection to empty bins on the estate as they become full through the day.

    • 1.2(act of fetching)

      the goods are ready for collection puede recoger / pasar a buscar las mercancías
      • children must wait for collection by their parents los niños deben esperar a que sus padres los recojan / pasen a buscar

    • 1.3(of mail, refuse)

      recogida femenino
      • From today, Tuesday, all items that cannot be disposed of in regular collections can be dropped off at the centre.
      • The crisis is affecting all aspects of life in the rural community with refuse collections and postal services to farms affected by the restrictions placed on people entering and leaving farmland.
      • The post office has refused to make collections from a post box but as soon as the cameras are in, I shall be writing in the hope the box will be reopened.
      • He said there were contingency plans in place to make sure Post Office services and mail collections and deliveries would face minimal disruption.
      • The power to suspend bin collections from people who refuse to pay their annual charges was made possible under the Protection of the Environment Act 2003.
      • The Royal Mail has reduced collections without providing bigger postboxes to accommodate the volume of letters.
      • Local authorities would then arrange for refuse trucks to make regular collections of waste destined for recycling.
      • What indeed has the value of property to do say with road maintenance, environment issues, food inspections, refuse collections, social services?
      • Householders are being asked how York Council should organise refuse collections in future to help the recycling project.
      • Commissioner Walsh firmly believes that charges for domestic refuse collections are a form of double taxation and he and others of a similar ilk are entitled to that opinion.
      • Meanwhile, the four local authorities in Dublin said they hoped to clear most of the backlog in refuse collections by the weekend.
      • Oh, I nearly forgot, we are lucky enough to have a refuse collection and now CPZ has been foisted upon us against our wishes, I might add.
      • Postal workers' leaders warned that action over pay could threaten the Christmas mail as post and council strikes disrupted collections and deliveries and closed schools and libraries yesterday.
      • Most controversially, officers revealed that the authority was considering reducing refuse collections to once a fortnight and saving £900,000 a year in the process.
      • All traffic was stopped between 5.30 am and 7.15 pm and refuse collections were cancelled so that police search teams could search through the rubbish.
      • And 97 per cent of those asked said they are happy with their weekly refuse collections, while four out of five said the council was doing a good job.
      • Braintree Council's quarterly performance report found that during the first quarter of this year, missed refuse collections soared.
      • More than 1,600 have joined now our protest - calling on city council chiefs to retain weekly household refuse collections.
      • Weekly refuse collections may return to South Woodham Ferrers under a review currently being undertaken by the borough council.
      • Despite the recent problems experienced with refuse collections in the town, it was not the council's mistake this time.

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    (of money)
    colecta femenino
    to make / hold a collection for sth hacer una colecta para algo
    • collection box alcancía
    • collection plate bandeja
    • She said churches had raised the money both through collections at services and through coffee mornings and other fund-raising events.
    • She was very helpful and had a great community spirit, always willing to help out at the Church, charitable collections etc.
    • In the Old Testament, Judas Maccabeus took up a collection that he sent to Jerusalem as a sin offering.
    • In fact Gregory went home to Aberdeen and took a collection outside the church doors for money to build his observatory.
    • And those who have continued to attend church services have been told to put more money into collections or run the risk of losing their place of worship.
    • Most of the Scottish Baptist churches took collections to assist this effort.
    • Groups donate collections directly to their charity of choice.
    • Trocaire, which has raised almost €2m, is expecting to double that after church collections from yesterday are included.
    • A collection at the local church recently for Sligo Mental Health raised E319.58 from the church-goers.
    • At Pimlico Race Course near Baltimore, jockeys took up a collection earmarked for the American Red Cross.
    • Saint-Léon records that at one point in 1869 Pugni was so broke the dancers of the Imperial Ballet took up a collection to help him feed his large family.
    • There will be a collection at the church for the victims of the tsunami.
    • Many pay through collections at church, so they feel they are being made to pay twice.
    • He added that, as around 70 per cent of the congregation are retired, every pound put into church collections is a hard-earned one.
    • Wharfedale churches and business have been holding their own collections and charity shops have also witnessed incredible local generosity.
    • It is almost impossible to guess who will give money and who won't when you're doing a street collection, charity workers say.
    • The attendees also took up a collection for repair of Cowsill's guitar, which was also damaged.
    • An appeal for donations was read out in more than 400 mosques across Britain yesterday and many churches are planning to hold collections at services this weekend.
    • Money raised came via collections at RAAF Bases Williamtown and Edinburgh and generous donations from Boeing, BAe Systems, and Sverdrup.
    • Unfortunately this will make people wary about donating to genuine charities which use doorstep collections as a way of raising money.
    • Furthermore, the Talmud provides a budget detailing how the Temple's collections should be expended.
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    (of objects) colección femenino
    (of people) grupo masculino
    coin/butterfly collection colección de monedas/mariposas
    • the designer's winter collection la colección de invierno del modisto