Translation of collectivism in Spanish:


colectivismo, n.

Pronunciation /kəˈlɛktəˌvɪzəm/ /kəˈlɛktɪvɪz(ə)m/

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    colectivismo masculine
    • Behind these lay another debate between equally traditional views of collectivism v. individual initiative and between atheistic materialism and the belief that the world was created by God.
    • Social contract predicts a gradual movement from collectivism to individual liberty - it also regards self-respect as the very first primary social good.
    • This will ultimately foster the spirit of individualism rather than collectivism in the youth.
    • Singelis modified Markus and Kitayama's crosscultural theory of individualism and collectivism to formulate an individual differences model involving independent and interdependent self-construals.
    • Huawei eliminates individualism and promotes collectivism, " Cheng said.
    • In such a conflictual family environment, it is difficult to organize family activities, and family members will tend to focus on themselves, thus stressing individualism rather than collectivism.
    • In such a harmonious family environment, family members do not exercise a high degree of independence, and collectivism rather than individualism is stressed.
    • Here was a movement whose ideal of collectivism frowned on individual romances.
    • My position is that I am for the common people - which is why I share some of the outlook of the American Populists - but against any kind of collectivism that denies personal freedom and suppresses individual rights.
    • Storey and Sisson recommend the UK find a better balance between individualism and collectivism in managing its human resources and industrial relations.
    • It is possible that individualism and collectivism operate very differently at the individual level than at the cultural level.
    • In England, these energies tended to become infused with a democratic radicalism which eschewed collectivism in favor of individual self-interest.
    • One of the most common ways psychologists conceptualize culture is by discussing societies in terms of individualism and collectivism.
    • In our education, collectivism and individualism are mutually exclusive and we are always taught to sacrifice individual interests for those of our team.
    • Also, he had written a song called ‘Man is the Measure of All Things’, which he claimed was a hymn to individualism and against collectivism.
    • But both extremes, rugged individualism and ruthless collectivism, are unbalanced and destructive.
    • Where is the new thinking on questions of individualism, collectivism, consumerism, choice and equity?
    • Individual freedom is the one American project, ideal collectivism the European one.
    • Four questions seem to be most relevant when learning to communicate with music students from other cultures: Does the student value individualism more than collectivism or vice versa?
    • These sessions also acquaint youths with positive examples of African American cultural values, such as cooperation, collectivism, and interdependence.