Traducción de collectivist en español:


colectivista, adj.

Pronunciación /kəˈlɛktɪvəst/ /kəˈlɛktɪvɪst/

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    (principles/policy) colectivista
    • Over the long haul, individualistic objectives cannot be achieved through collectivist means.
    • Contrary to the myth, they were not a product of collectivist ideology.
    • I certainly agree with him about the collectivist movement plaguing our world.
    • The neoconservatives are collectivist wolves in the sheep's clothing of freedom.
    • Nonetheless, collectivist thinking persists, even among people who pride themselves on looking at the facts.
    • A collectivist perspective is characterized by an emphasis on the needs of the group, the opposite of individualism.
    • In this way, the day-to-day compromises of supposedly "practical" politics get pulled inexorably in the collectivist direction.
    • An article in the April 5 issue reminds us how deeply ingrained collectivist habits of thought are in this country.
    • Interpersonal relationships there are strongly influenced by the typically collectivist orientation of these cultures.
    • This is a direct continuation of the collectivist, moralizing poetry of the past.