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universidad, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkɑlɪdʒ/ /ˈkɒlɪdʒ/

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    • 1.1(university)

      universidad femenino EEUU
      (education/life/lecturer) (before noun) universitario
      • The survey looked at students who had graduated with a degree, a diploma or a certificate from a college or university bachelor's program.
      • Many colleges have degree completion programs designed to help adult learners finish what they started.
      • The students hail from 35 states, and the college offers associates and bachelor of arts degrees.
      • In addition, several colleges offer degree programs with on- or off-base classes.
      • Nearly half of the 585,000 students who graduated from colleges, universities, and grad schools this year were women.
      • The participants in this study were students at several colleges and universities.
      • After her own studies, she taught in a variety of universities and colleges in America and Britain.

    • 1.2(for vocational training)

      escuela femenino
      instituto masculino
      technical college escuela de formación profesional
      • art college escuela de bellas artes
      • college of further education
      • For example, when Ataturk was bringing modern Turkey into being, he closed down all the madrasas, the colleges of further education.
      • Pupils will be able to spend time in work placements and further education colleges, as well as in school.
      • The college was re-opened more than a decade later as a college of continuing education.
      • Twice during the month before the show, dance educators from local colleges or companies volunteer to watch their rehearsals and give feedback.
      • THOUSANDS OF students in universities and colleges across Britain are mobilising against the war.
      • For the next few years Finbar and Eddie Furey toured the folk clubs, colleges and universities throughout Britain and Europe, building up a large following.
      • Campaigners say billions of pounds are being spent on war while the Government ‘continues to squeeze students in schools, colleges and universities’.
      • Now professional footballers, with their taste in designer suits and fast cars, will rub shoulders with students at FE colleges and universities.
      • Changing times indeed, and the result of the outstanding work being done in the colleges, secondary schools and national schools of Galway
      • She went to sixth-form college to do A-levels, but left halfway through the course to train as a beauty therapist at a private college.
      • At college in Aberdeen, she specialised in swimming, hockey and netball and it was a knock from a hockey stick that accounts for much of her infirmity now.
      • At college, I discovered a wealth of ideas that I had never considered before.
      • A nation where only the best or the wealthiest ever have a chance at college, maybe one in 80 Brazilians gets into the best state-supported colleges.
      • At college I had an Alexander Technique teacher for posture and body use.
      • At college he had a hard time relating to his classmates, who were much older.
      • Also, men and women who did not go to college after finishing high school were not included in the sample.
      • The whole system here is from high school through to colleges through to the professional leagues, is all designed to develop those top 100 players.
      • At college, his professors thought he was crazy to be in school because he could make a lot more money as a bricklayer.
      • Private vocational colleges and high school programs have also enjoyed strong growth.
      • At college Michael studied piano with a well-known teacher, Ernest Kroll.
      • While more and more workers need skill on the job, not all workers need to go to college to prepare for work.
      • At college he studied history and theology, then spent several years teaching in the Middle East.
      • At college I studied textiles and illustration, so I married the two.
      • After high school, I wanted to go to college and study business law.
      • Yet, she did go to college, graduated in women's studies and history and consciously chose to become an organiser.
      • For the last several years, the center has had visitors from other teacher education colleges.
      • Institute work will involve the colleges of Agriculture, Education, Family and Consumer Sciences, and Liberal Arts and Sciences.
      • The next steps are music colleges and higher educational establishments.
      • This result was accomplished by granting university status to the polytechnics and to some colleges of higher education.
      • The event is sponsored by the Design, Engineering and Education colleges.
      • All four colleges provided training for secondary school teachers on integrated academic curricula.
      • She said she had enjoyed seeing how former pupils fared at secondary school and college, and later working in jobs in the area.
      • Manchester and Salford have two of the worst records in the country for sending young people on from secondary school to college.
      • Beginning in fall 2005, the new program will instead give vouchers to students to spend at colleges and universities.

    • 1.3(department of university)

      facultad femenino
      departamento masculino
      (in Britain) colegio universitario masculino
      • Sustainable sources such as solar and hydroelectric energy are now used to power many of the university's buildings and colleges.
      • Much of the mystique of Oxford lies in the ancient and beautiful buildings of the colleges of the university.
      • With a few exceptions, all are students from various colleges of Delhi University and some even from schools.
      • Human beings seems to be hard-wired for monarchy, from student unions to Oxford colleges to the University of Oxford.
      • Students from colleges in Delhi University complain that the authorities are not willing to consider their demands for better security.
      • Josephine English didn't rent a cap and gown when she heard she had graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from a Dublin college.
      • The overall effect aspired to evoke the atmosphere of a Cambridge college, with some degree of success.
      • Oxford Limited intends to offer colleges the opportunity to sell the items directly through the JCRs at competitive prices.
      • The project will also involve Barkston spending time at the York college as part of a judging panel assisting with the design of a new foundation degree course at the college.
      • This was actually a party organised by my old college, St Catherine's.

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    colegio masculino
    electoral college colegio electoral
    • the College of Cardinals el colegio cardenalicio