Translation of collide in Spanish:


chocar, v.

Pronunciation /kəˈlaɪd/ /kəˈlʌɪd/

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intransitive verb

  • 1

    (vehicle) chocar
    (vehicle) colisionar formal
    to collide with sth/sb chocar con algo/algn
    the two vehicles collided head-on los dos vehículos chocaron de frente
    • A youth was killed when a passenger train collided with his car on a level crossing in East Yorkshire last night.
    • Another train wreck today: California freight train collided with a passenger train.
    • The car was shunted backwards by the force of the impact and collided with the black Ford Fiesta directly behind it.
    • Later in the afternoon, at 5.40 pm, a two vehicle accident saw cars colliding on the Hatston Brae after slipping on snow.
    • The accident happened when the Corsa collided with a blue Ford Escort as both vehicles travelled towards Haxby.
    • Their call follows an accident in Welling when a bus collided with a van which was turning left across the bus lane.
    • There were more accidents, more trucks, which had collided with trees, culverts, or run off the road.
    • In May two trains collided and derailed near the station during the morning rush-hour.
    • Put simply, if a moving atom collides with a photon coming in the opposite direction with the appropriate energy, the atom will be knocked back and slowed down.
    • He collided with a shelf holding computer parts and knocked some to the floor with a clatter.
    • It collided with the jug, sending it toppling over and crashing onto the polished tiles.
    • He braked but the vehicle would not stop and they collided with the wall.
    • Wallace collided with three other bikes at Wheeler's Corner at the Dundrod Circuit in Co Antrim.
    • Six students were injured in Casino on Wednesday morning when their school bus collided with a car.
    • Officers were told Richardson's car had mounted the kerb and it had been swerving before it collided with a lamppost.
    • I had survived; I hadn't hit anyone or anything and nobody had collided with me.
    • It was the only time in recorded history that our planet may have collided with a huge celestial object.
    • He unwittingly collides with the toughest star player on the opposing team and is knocked unconscious, along with his gigantic opponent.
    • As the ball fell, a pair of opposing players jumped together, collided and missed it.
    • Having split apart, the continents eventually started to collide with each other, and their different groups of mammals started to mix.
    • Between those two opposing views, ideals collide and friendships are strained.
    • But when devotion to principle collides with electoral politics, hard truths must be faced.
    • It is a place where history and people and power and politics collide in ways that touch the lives of every American.
    • When those two forces collide, Japanese politics will at long last change.
    • Postrel's book provides us with two very different worlds colliding with each other.
    • Different dance worlds collide at Tangente's Majors series this weekend.
    • What is being made visible here is the fault-line where corporate culture collides with democratic politics.
    • The two worlds are colliding in an age-old clash that is causing some to wonder how long this great thing will last.
    • Unfortunately, basic contract principles collide with his request for damages.
    • It's when the love story collides with the subplot that conflict arises.
    • As our collective anger collides head-on with our political system's intransigence, we're stuck with a classic case of an irresistible force meeting an immovable object.
    • When the personal collides with the political, someone is bound to get panned.
    • I think politics is intrinsically about idealism colliding with raw power.
    • We have different styles, different topics spark our interest and while our views do collide, we rarely arrive at them from the same direction.
    • The students and lecturers all have different motives for being there and these collide with painful consequences.
    • The play shows political paranoia colliding with greed and ambition.
    • Four seismic forces will soon collide to test the president's true political acumen.
    • We might find out that we have been part of different worlds with colliding interests - scientific and political.
    • Instead of which, the more Romantic orchestral playing collided with the period style of the choir and soloists.
  • 2

    tener un enfrentamiento
    to collide (with sb/sth) (over sth) tener un enfrentamiento (con algn/algo) (sobre / acerca de algo)