Translation of collocation in Spanish:


colocación típica, n.

Pronunciation /ˌkɑləˈkeɪʃən/ /kɒləˈkeɪʃ(ə)n/


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    colocación típica feminine
    • The collocations go to church/school/college and be at church/school/college are shared, but go to university/be at university and go to hospital/be in hospital are BrE, AmE requiring the as in go to the university.
    • For example, he invites us to ‘consider the number of collocations like ‘by and large’ that we use with no discernible compositional rationale.’
    • He has smoothed out a whole range of peculiar collocations and syntactical anomalies in order to make the translation flow.
    • ‘Isotropic rigmarole’ is a cute collocation, with a texture like chrome and bone.
    • Other errors stem from the software's reliance on collocational data - for instance, the transcription follows sordid with tale, which appears to be nothing more than a hunch based on the frequency of the collocation sordid tale.
    • If the substituted words have relevant meanings, so much the better; and if the original collocation is archaic or otherwise non-compositional, that improves the chances still further.
    • This example shows how the meanings of words are constructed and maintained by patterns of collocation.
    • Johnson gave little attention to collocation, idiom, and grammatical information, although he provided a brief grammar at the front.
    • 3 Wright is careful with his words, and so we can conclude that the repeated collocation of the phrases ‘moral bootstraps’ and ‘Pelagianism’ is no accident.
    • The fact that profits is used in collocation with the expression ‘could reasonably be taken to be attributable’ has considerable significance.