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colonialismo, n.

Pronunciación /kəˈloʊniəˌlɪzəm/ /kəˈləʊnɪəlɪz(ə)m/

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    colonialismo masculino
    • This period has been characterised by a resurgence of imperialist wars and outright colonialism.
    • The positive case argues that, on the contrary, colonialism played an economically progressive role.
    • This is the clearest manifestation of resurgent imperialism and colonialism on a world scale.
    • Cecil Rhodes once said that those who oppose civil war must support colonialism.
    • He left the Communist Party at a later period when its Stalinist policies meant that he was told not to criticise colonialism.
    • To have the leader of a great economic power admit that he has a debt and a duty to the losers of globalisation and colonialism is a massive step forward.
    • That doesn't mean, however, that anyone opposing colonialism is on the side of human rights, does it?
    • Such academic dominance begs questions of intellectual colonialism and the politics of representation.
    • Another way to come at the statement is through the politics of race and colonialism.
    • Their fight against and defeat of colonialism brought us political independence.
    • Since the end of colonialism, we have acquired decades of evidence of what works and what fails in the third world.
    • The war to secure the control of oil and gas resources in Central Asia ushered in a new era of colonialism.
    • Sugar is as much bound up with the history of slavery and colonialism as cotton, which this column looked at last week.
    • In Africa the wars in Angola and Mozambique began as struggles against colonialism.
    • Many in the global south regard tourism as a new form of colonialism and cultural imperialism.
    • He said the Falklands issue was not one of colonialism or imperialism.
    • What, for instance, is the difference, if any, between imperialism and colonialism?
    • The Cold War was over, colonialism was history, an era of global peace and prosperity seemed imminent.
    • In any case, both groups were against Japanese colonialism and embraced Chinese nationalism.
    • The most important factor that constrained the development of vast tracts of the planet was colonialism.