Traducción de colorful en español:


de colores muy vivos, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈkələrfəl/ /ˈkʌləfʊl/ /ˈkʌləf(ə)l/


(Britanico colourful)
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    (cloth/clothes/plumage) de colores muy vivos
    (cloth/clothes/plumage) de colores muy vistosos
    (parade) lleno de color
    (parade) lleno de colorido
    (parade) vistoso
    • The local committee have asked you all to make a special effort over the next two weeks to have Newport looking clean and tidy, bright and colourful.
    • The company produces hand-made chocolates in bright colourful wrapping.
    • It is wacky and different, bright and colourful.
    • The scenery was bright and colourful, as were the costumes.
    • They produced bright, colourful paintings of chariots, horses, temples and other scenes associated with life in the time of the Romans.
    • The show opened with colourful sets and bright costumes.
    • One side room has a varied and colourful display of period costume.
    • It's bright and shiny and colourful, and it frequently makes me smile, and it's honest about its utter superficiality.
    • A parent, who is a costumer for a theatre company, provided many of the bright, colourful costumes.
    • Sunday's parade promises to be the biggest, brightest and most colourful parade ever in the county town.
    • The views are breathtaking, and in summer the garden itself is very colourful and bright.
    • Winters were always grey here, summers were always bright and colourful, at least in my memory.
    • My whole brain seemed to fizz and the world appeared to be a brighter, more colourful place.
    • Their living quarters were bright and colourful; they had luxurious food, and had access to the outside world.
    • It's going to be a really colourful, bright musical set in Brazil in the 1960s.
    • The wagons were all unpainted and plain, making them look dull compared to the bright colourful tents.
    • All of the costumes for the country dances were bright, colourful and really looked the part.
    • The house had never seemed so bright and colourful due to the many ribbons and banners.
    • The family show includes colourful costumes, lively characters, music, comedy and audience participation.
    • This is a lovely book to browse through - full of inviting, colourful pictures and uncluttered text.
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    (description) lleno de color
    (description) lleno de colorido
    he's a very colorful character es un hombre de lo más pintoresco / original
    • he gave a rather colorful account of what had happened dio una versión muy adornada de lo ocurrido
    • he tends to use rather colorful language tiende a usar un vocabulario un poco subido de tono
    • I duly left school and became a typist in the Mines Department where I met some interesting and colourful characters.
    • Along the way, he meets a long line of interesting and colourful characters.
    • His lyrics are always childlike and unpretentious, evoking ridiculous pictures and colourful characters.
    • First, this nuanced, detailed and ever colorful account of Parisian life requires discussion.
    • Miss Annear's narrative, lively and colourful, flows right along.
    • His sax playing was colourful, strong and exciting.
    • A number of businesses and local organisations also took part in a very lively and colourful occasion.
    • The National University of Colombia, in Bogota, is a colourful and lively place.
    • Cardington has had a colourful past, full of triumph and disaster.
    • This should preferably be a person about whom mysterious questions can be raised, someone with an interesting or colorful background.
    • In their pursuit of their rights, including to marry, they have been determined but have made their campaign fun, lively, colorful and open to others.
    • It was a burst of colourful activity that heralded the arrival of the digital channel on television scene.
    • I said a few colorful words in our language, making him laugh.
    • My language was colourful and consisted of mostly four-letter words.
    • He uttered a crude four-letter curse that would rival any sailor's colorful language, then tried to roll over again.
    • The colourful language made for entertaining viewing.
    • Admittedly their language is rather colourful, but nothing worse than you'd hear in the first minute of Four Weddings And A Funeral.
    • Here's Howard Jacobson, and a warning about some colourful language.
    • I am older and I hope wiser and, as the nominee of my party, I have an obligation to use less colourful language.
    • I think it is probably more colourful language than is merited.
    • Despite her colourful language, which may have owed something to her Australian origins, she was a devout Catholic.
    • Mr Berger is a straight talker and uses some colourful language.
    • This version has had some of the more colourful language removed.
    • He is also sorry for the colourful language used to emphasise the point.
    • And there's some very colorful language in some of those opinions.
    • I then called back and in slightly more colorful language asked him why he had hung up on me and whether he would identify himself.
    • Profanities didn't actually litter the production but the episodes did feature some of the most colourful language ever heard on TV.
    • Occasional outbreaks of colourful language aside, the exchanges seemed surprisingly civilised.
    • There was silence and then she let out another stream of colourful language.
    • This, of course, is what in essence he had told Richardson, although in more colourful language.
    • It appears to me wholly regrettable and unnecessary that such colourful language was used in the first press release.
    • I cannot repeat what was said to him because it's too disturbing and contains some pretty colourful language.